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Get Pods!

Posted in Fun with tags , , , on 6 April 2012 by Megan

“We sold the pod! Look at all the money we have!” — Anakin Skywalker

When the Star Wars Librarian and friend went to go see Episode I in 3D (an experience I will blog about at length next week), we got a little packet labeled “Pod” along with our Darth Maul 3D glasses. We didn’t know what that meant or what they were for . . . but when we finally took them out of the wrappers, well, we were instantly charmed. You see here my little Clone Trooper; she got Padmé.

Clone Trooper Pod

The tiniest Clone Trooper of them all.

I immediately undertook some research on the subject and found that these are a new micro-figure released by Hasbro (here) and sold in a variety of locations like your local stores or ThinkGeek (here). What gets me about them is nobody seems to have any clear idea what they do or what they are for, as is evidenced by the randomness of the videos about them.

Basically, what can I tell you? They are the cutest things ever. You can put them on top of the pod and spin them like tops, you can put them in the pods and throw them at people! There are several collections, including figurines and vehicles, and there are black and clear pods. They feel all rubbery and squishy, and you can do tiny battle against the Empire. What more do you want? I’m thoroughly and completely charmed and give the toy like twenty stars.

Your soul can't repel cuteness of this magnitude!

Also, just to add to the fun collectability of it all: every pack comes with a set of “known” figures, that is, the ones you can see and that are identified, and unknown ones–mystery figures that are a surprise until you open them. This way you can hoard ’em, trade ’em, collect ’em. . . . Whatever you want! It’s super tiny awesome fun!

Permanently Stuck

Posted in Fun with tags , , , , , on 23 March 2012 by Megan

I just got the Return of the Jedi soundtrack from the library today. I’ve never listened to it before, believe it or not, and I’ve really been enjoying it. However, there’s just one thing . . . I can no longer listen to the Star Wars Main Theme and take it seriously because I find myself humming the lyrics. “What lyrics?” you might ask — and well you might, because if you have to ask, I am so glad you are reading this post! I am about to introduce you to one of the best things ever. How is it the best thing, you may wonder, if I just described it as ruining the main theme? Well, I don’t mean ruin as in ruin, I mean ruin as in make better. Don’t believe me? Well, watch the following video.

I know, you didn’t know the main theme even had lyrics. But I guarantee you’re grinning right now. And really, isn’t that what fun Friday is all about? Grinning? Yeah, go watch the video again. Super enjoy. *humming* I am a Jedi, we are all good guys, last of our breed . . .

(PS, he promises to post lyrics to his site soon. Here’s hoping he does, because there are bits of that I am dying to know what he’s saying!)

Happy Nevermind!

Posted in Fun with tags , , on 2 December 2011 by Megan


The Slackers’ Holiday!

As I am pretty sure you are all able to tell, the Christmas season is upon us, and let me just stop right there and say I am so busy right now, I can’t even begin to imagine when I’m going to have time to keep you all entertained and answer your questions.

For the questions I have on hold, I deeply apologize. For everybody else out there, use this time to come up with stuff to ask me.

In light of the holiday season, why not troll for questions one of the biggest question-inducing mistakes George Lucas ever embarked upon, second only to The New Jedi Order? That’s right! The Star Wars Holiday Special, which I have never seen, but which our friends at Rifftrax will gladly offer you a sample of!

Merry Christmas, guys. See ya round.

Let’s Watch TV!

Posted in Fun with tags , , on 4 November 2011 by Megan

Some of the brilliant comedic minds on YouTube have come up with a few opening credits sequences to your favorite television show and mine–The Star Wars Trilogy! Unlike the project George has talked about and/or threatened over the decades, these look like some great shows I’d definitely watch. Up first . . . Star Wars MacGyver!

Here’s a fun show about a young Jedi who tries to maintain peace and order in the galaxy in a small task force. It’s called Star Wars Five-0!

This is a good one, so set your DVR not to miss an episode of Star Wars: The A-Team, which . . . well, it’ll explain what it’s about!

Exciting, right? That Chewbacca is soo cool. On the other hand, if you love Tatooine and can’t get enough of well-meaning fellows getting into exciting scrapes, complete with lots of fast driving and short shorts, well, The Dukes of Star Wars might be your speed.

Everybody loves this show! Loves, loves, loves–I don’t know why it’s not still on the air! Anyway, Star Wars is about a bunch of friends who all live in the same building and have hilarious escapades! Remember “The One on Hoth,” where the dude was like, you can’t go out there, the temperature’s dropping too rapidly, and Han was all, “That’s right! And my friend’s out in it!” And then the guy was like, your tauntaun will freeze before the first marker! And Han said, “Then I’ll see you in hell!” And the dude said, “I’ll see you in hell!” and Han said, “I guess you will!” and rode off to rescue Luke? Ah, those guys. I love those guys.

For my final offering, another great 90s classic! And just because we like to switch it up, it’s not about the rebels this time . . . you know Palpatine’s the real star of the show, and he’ll prove it to you in electricboa’s “The Fresh Emperor of Bel Air.”

Anyway, that was a lot of fun. Now, if you guys don’t mind, I’m going to try to catch a few of these on TV. Enjoy!

Special Deleted Scenes

Posted in Fun with tags , , , , , on 30 September 2011 by Megan

Okay, I know the Star Wars Librarian has been very quiet about the whole Blu-Ray controversy. Were you expecting me to weigh in? Well, then you should write and ask me a question like a decent person, so that I can come back and answer it and tell you all about my opinion. At this juncture, the only opinion of mine you’re entitled to is that I’m not interested in Blu-Ray and honestly don’t care what George Lucas does to his films because George is an egotistic old bat and will continue to do that which makes him money–that is, produce bastardized versions of his own work that will sell like hotcakes and then produce restored versions of his original work that will sell again, thus enabling him to sell double.

Anyway, the one thing I did find very interesting about the Blu Rays is the promised deleted scenes. None of the ones I’ve been desperately interested in, of course (like the Luke moisture farm, Tosche Station stuff), but nonetheless there are some really good, really interesting things we’ve been speculating on. Unfortunately, some of it didn’t make the release. But Hey Killer Films has done us a big favor and gotten some really special Jek Porkins footage that was removed from A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. Enjoy!

Birthday Honors

Posted in Spotlight with tags , , , , , on 25 September 2011 by Megan

In the first place, before you can accuse me of being really negligent where this blog is concerned, I assure you that I am working on it and things will get back to normal soon, and no, normal will not consist of huge gaps of non-posting. In fact, I have a question in the works concerning an extremely bizarre juvenile series from the early 90s, and there are reviews slated for the upcoming weekends; I’m also going to go back and finish the posts I meant to have done over the last couple weekends, so seriously, stay tuned and don’t forget to ask questions.

As you may know, being the Star Wars junkie you are, today is Mark Hamill’s 60th birthday. And I’m crazy disappointed because my plan was to spend two hours watching the combined Trilogy in One YouTube Video I found online a three weeks ago, but the user has removed it from YouTube. This upsets me. I was going to post it here for everyone’s enjoyment.

Since I can’t do that now, there’s only one other thing I can think to do for Mark Hamill’s birthday. That’s right, post a picture of a wedding cake and the video of Goldentusk’s lyricized version of the Star Wars theme! Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill, and don’t read anything into the fact that I’m posting a wedding cake for your birthday! ;)

Star Wars Wedding Cake

I won't ask how Han is in carbonite and getting married . . .

I found this awesome Star Wars wedding cake on BetweenThePages, which is a great blog with lots of other Star Wars goodies to offer. Now, the bakers who did this cake–which is more rustic looking than some SW cakes I’ve seen, but makes up for that with its cuteness– are at Sugar Mountain Cakes in Pennsylvania; they have got some beautiful stuff totally worth checking out. Too bad I’m nowhere near Pennsylvania. Oh, well, I have no money for cake anyway. You know what, it’s just occurred to me that it’s not Han in carbonite and getting married; that’s Luke in the slab. Oh–my–gosh–! There’s an alternate ending ;)

Are you really going to complain about the fact that for Mark’s birthday I’m not finding a cake featuring him? Because I just think that’s weird to have yourself on a cake for your own birthday! Anyway, this is the music video all about Luke’s journey! Enjoy!

Oh, my gosh, are you really insisting about that Luke Skywalker cake thing? Fine. Go here and stop pestering me! And go watch Star Wars. That’s all.

Origami in Hyperspace

Posted in Spotlight with tags , , , on 11 September 2011 by Megan

Like most people who own Moleskine journals, I love them! I don’t love the price tag, but they are awesome little things, to be sure. So when I saw that Moleskine was coming out with a line of Star Wars related journals, I was super excited! Star Wars, journals, and Moleskine? Good deal! With the announcement, they released this cute little video, which I think you will agree is pretty cute.

There are two different journals, and, I might add, they are limited edition, so if you’re going to get me one, you’d better get a move on it! One features the opening crawl in “bronze,” and the other is silver with the memorable jump to hyperspace on it. There is Star Wars artwork inside, too–pictures of the Death Star and X-wings. They also come with a concept poster in the inside pocket. Anyway, I think these things are awesome. They are available large or pocket sized, lined or unlined, here: Star Wars. Origami in hyperspace. – Moleskine ® English.