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Favorite Climax

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Weird question. But I have an answer, and it doesn’t even involve Return of the Jedi!

Come on, admit it, you can hear the soundtrack!

Come on, admit it, you can hear the soundtrack!

I mean, come on. As most of the internet seemed to agree as I was searching for images for this, no matter what your opinion is of the prequels, you have to agree that this is epic. One of the reasons this is one of my favorites is I had looked forward to it for so long: I remember borrowing a “Star Wars Scrapbook” from my Star Wars friend when I was about 13 and discovering that Darth Vader’s suit was necessitated by his falling into lava during his and Obi-Wan’s final climactic showdown. And at that moment, even though Obi-Wan was just this boring old guy and Vader was Vader, I wanted to see that fight.

May 19, 2005, a day I waited for for six years, was full of disappointments just like every other day of a person’s life, and the higher the anticipation, the greater the need to not have disappointments, the more disappointments flock in. This is so true that when the film broke just as it was about to start, I almost started laughing in the theater. Yes, no joke: two theaters, midnight showing, rabid Star Wars fans, movie anticipated for minimum six years, and the film broke just as it started. I kept quoting the line from Galaxy Quest, “I mean, this is unreal! They’re going to start eating each other out there!”

Anyway, as we got close to 3 AM, as the camera swept in to Mustafer, I began easing closer and closer to the edge of my seat. This was it. This was the moment I had wanted to see since I was thirteen. I had imaged it,  pictured it, satirized it: the fight over lava. And it was an entire planet (moon) of lava! Awesome! “You will try,” Anakin intoned like a death demon,  and suddenly the soundtrack burst into life. To this day, “Anakin vs. Obi-Wan” is my favorite track on a soundtrack, ever. It’s just thrilling. And the fight was thrilling.

That was one thing that did not disappoint me that night. The lightsaber duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan was exactly how I had imagined it. (Even, frighteningly enough, including a sequence of rope-swinging, which I had put into a song parody about the fight two years before.) And that crash of sabers in front of the volcanic geyser — I’m almost convinced that’s exactly what I saw in my mind’s eye the first time I read about their final confrontation. Obi-Wan’s final monologue and picking up of Anakin’s saber just completes it. This is a fight I can never watch without my pulse racing, without leaning closer to the screen. Which makes it all the more irritating how they spliced in fights of Palpatine and gross Yoda fighting! So enjoy this masterful YouTube cut that has the entire Obi-Wan/Anakin scene without any green trolls to bother you.

Spotlight: 100 Posts

Posted in Spotlight with tags , , , , on 19 May 2013 by Megan

I find this wonderfully appropriate: 100 posts on this, one of the more significant dates on the Star Wars calender.

A note on the Star Wars calender: its holiest month is May, the month which gave us the theatrical release of the six films and the birth of Lucas himself. Specific holidays in this month are May 14 (Lucas’ Birthday — party games include ‘Pin the Ego on the Director’ and ‘What’s Bigger Than George’s Ego?’), May 16 (Episode II release date), May 19 (Episodes I & III release dates), May 21 (Episode V release date), and May 25 (Episodes IV & VI released). Had I thought a little more closely about it at the time, I would have officially kicked this blog off in May. (I did launch the Facebook page on May 3.)

Anyway, one hundred is always considered a big landmark, so I wanted to observe it. Plus, it being May 19, this kicks off what I call “Star Wars Week” (May 19-25), and it’s also the 8th birthday of Episode III and the 14th birthday of Episode I. That’s another great landmark . . . I was (almost) 14 when I saw Episode I, which means this movie has existed for half my life. Ouch.

Because it’s the beginning of Star Wars week, which I’m ending with a little observance for Return of the Jedi‘s 30th birthday, here are the original trailers to all six films!

And now because this is chiefly to commemorate my 100th post, I give you my top favorite moments as Star Wars Librarian. Remember that your questions help produce content, so ask away!

  1. Footwear and recycled content are both hilarious
  2. This post about book covers
  3. Discovering the song “Primeday”
  4. This scathing book review
  5. And this scathing book review
  6. These incredible Star Wars paintings
  7. Goldentusk’s Star Wars song
  8. All my sweet geek swag
  9. These insane books
  10. The Episode II party
  11. Call Me Maybe with Star Wars
  12. Getting my lightsaber
  13. The saddest moment
  14. Criticizing the prequels
  15. This hilarious comments war about SWL canon

    Bonus: that #replaceawordwithpants game on Twitter. That was fun!

    Bonus: that #replaceawordwithpants game on Twitter. That was fun!

A Song That Reminds You of Star Wars

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I’m going to take this one a very different direction today. Star Wars is strongly associated with sound, in fact having more sounds per second of film (between dialogue, music, and sound effects) than any other film. That’s according to The Sounds of Star Wars, which I’ve been reading this week, which is awesome and which I will attempt to review Sunday. But because sound is so closely tied in with Star Wars, and the music in with the sound, it’s of course very easy to simply turn to the soundtrack. But that feels like cheating. And there is a non-Star Wars song that always makes me think of Star Wars. When I say “always,” I really am talking about something that goes back more than 12 years:


From an AIM Instant Messenger conversation dated September 27, 2000.

In 2000, my AIM convos did little more than document everything going on on the radio at that second. Anyway, the song I’m talking about is by the Wallflowers, and although I called it “The Padiddle Song” most of my life, it’s actually called “One Headlight.” The book I’m referring to, The Uncertain Path, is the sixth book in the Jedi Apprentice series by Jude Watson.

I used to wait in agony for these to come out. Defenders of the Dead made me so mad, I threw my copy across the room.

I used to wait in agony for these to come out.

These juvenile-level books told the story of Obi-Wan’s training as a 14-year-old Padawan apprentice to Qui-Gon. Their relationship had a very rocky start; in the first two books, Qui-Gon didn’t want an apprentice at all. In the third book, Obi-Wan narrowly escaping a mind-wipe just after his 14th birthday makes them both realize how close they have become and how much they don’t want to lose each other. So book 4 was their first real adventure together as a reciprocal team. Then came Defenders of the Dead. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan go to a planet called Melida/Daan where all the middle-aged people have been utterly wiped out in a war and now there are only children and old people. Obi-Wan immediately is drawn in by the arguments of the other adolescents — sort of a Communist Youth in Space — and quickly grows fed up with Qui-Gon and the Council’s “pandering” to the other faction. At the end of the book, Obi-Wan gives his lightsaber to Qui-Gon and quits the Jedi.

I threw the book across the room, I was so mad. Of course Obi-Wan did it because he’d fallen in love with this girl fighter Cerasi. It was outrageous though because Qui-Gon’s reluctance to take a Padawan had centered entirely around his abandonment issues since his previous apprentice had turned dark side and also quit the Jedi. Oh, I wanted to kill Obi-Wan for putting Qui-Gon through that. (Keeping in mind that at this age, I still considered Qui-Gon more awesome than any fictional character ever created in history before, and Obi-Wan was still kind of the boring old guy in the Original Trilogy, although his hotness was beginning to make an impression. In fact, although I was looking for times I quoted “One Headlight,” I found 15 convos containing both Wallflowers lyrics and the phrase “Obi-Wan is hot.”)

Anyway, in the next book, Cerasi dies a martyr to her cause, and her death inspires peace throughout Melida/Daan and ends the conflict. Obi-Wan goes back to the Jedi and in true Jedi fashion, never speaks of it again. But even though various sources have pinned him with Siri, I know the truth. His heart — before he gave it to Padmé to crush — belonged to a redheaded teenage freedom fighter whose death gave her planet peace and set him back on the right track. I have always found these lyrics ring eerily in sync with the events of these two books, and though I haven’t read them in over a decade, I always think of Obi-Wan when I hear this song.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you

One Headlight
by The Wallflowers

(with annotations, because I doubt you’ve read these books)

So long ago I don’t remember when,
That’s when they say I lost my only friend.
Well, they say she died easy of a  broken heart disease
As I listen to the cemetery trees.

[Obi-Wan, thinking back, recalls his days with Cerasi and the Melida/Daan youth]

I seen the sun coming up at the funeral at dawn,
The long broken arm of human law.
It always seemed such a waste,
She always had a pretty face.
I wonder why she hung around this place.

[Cerasi and the other fighters, whose parents and oftentimes older siblings had all been killed in the war, often lingered at the mausoleums and grave houses where their loved ones’ remains were. In fact, most of Melida/Daan was like a cemetery, bombed out shells of its former glory.]

Hey, —-
Come on try a little, nothing is forever!
There’s got to be something better than
In the middle.
Me and Cinderella put it all together
We can drive it home with one headlight.

[The youth of Melida/Daan were caught in the middle, the conflict between the Melida and the Daan, life and death, young and old, war and peace. Cinderella is Cerasi, a fairytale character with a grim side, and the one headlight is just enough light to be able to see a little bit ahead by, just enough light to know the right thing to do]

She said, “It’s cold. It feels like Independence Day,
And I can’t break away from this parade.”
But there’s got to be an opening somewhere here in front of me
Through this maze of ugliness and greed.
And I seen the sign up ahead at the county line bridge,
Saying all that’s good and nothingness is dead.
Run until she’s out of breath, she ran until there’s nothing left
She hit the end, it’s just her window ledge.

[Although they didn’t have an Independence Day, they did have highly military ritual. This reminds me of the scene in which Cerasi dies, imprinted in my imagination as the bright figure of the girl leaping out into the dazzling gray of the sky and shot in the circle of the two facing enemies.]

This place is old, it feels just like a beat up truck.
I turn the engine but the engine doesn’t turn.
It smells of cheap old wine, cigarettes,
This place is always such a mess.
Sometimes I think I’d like to watch it burn.
I’m so alone, I feel just like somebody else.
Man, I ain’t changed, but I know I ain’t the same.
But somewhere here in between these city walls of dying dreams,
I think her death it must be killing me.

[The child warriors of Melida/Daan lived in the sewers and underground pipelines. There’s a scene where Obi-Wan sits around eating rations with a group of them that this reminds me of. Also, when it is all said and done, and he returns to the Jedi and moves on to the next adventure, he does not really change at all, and yet the place had an affect on him. It’s really such a sad, sad song, even in this context.]

Friends, by by ~DarthZini on DeviantArt

Saddest Moment

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I had loved Star Wars for quite awhile before I ever realized this was sad. I bought the trilogy — special edition, the gold box — from Sam’s Club on October 25, 1997. It cost $30, or six washing the cars for Dad. (Interestingly enough, wash #6 was the last time I washed a car for Dad. He thinks it’s because I got lazy, but actually it was because I couldn’t cope with the stress of his washed car standard; in the words of Han Solo, “No reward is worth this!”) So it must’ve been sometime after that, at least my seventh or eighth time watching ROTJ, that I realized how sad this moment was.

The memory is very clear. I was home alone, it was after dark, probably autumn sometime. I had watched Little Women earlier that evening, and then spontaneously put ROTJ in. I’m not sure what made me watch these two back to back, but I remember it was the only time I ever cried over Beth’s death, so I was apparently feeling somewhat emotional that night already. I remember I was watching in the dark, because it didn’t bother my eyes back then, and with the volume up extremely loud, because that’s what I did when I was home alone. I was sitting on the mission oak couch, curled against the denim cushion against the arm, my entire existence the 36″ TV screen.


“But you’ll die.”
“Nothing can stop that now.”

I never cared much that Vader died. I’ve always been a pragmatist about it — what else was he going to do? The new provisional government probably would’ve subjected him to an embarrassing and lengthy trial and a showy execution for crimes against the galaxy. Provisional governments are not notoriously interested in the last minute redemption of people who committed mass murders with official sanctions. But on this night when I watched it — and I feel like it was raining — I was suddenly overwhelmed by the pain, the sense of loss, the tragedy tucked into all the surrounding triumph. And then this.

His father was a stranger to him, yet he knew him better than anyone else -- because he knew he could be saved.

His father was a stranger to him, yet he knew him better than anyone else — because he knew he could be saved. But what was lost was far, far more.

Luke lifts his head as Vader falls back, the breath in his lungs silent at last. And his face is wet and streaked with tears, silent tears. He has been battered, emotionally and physically, and fought the fight of his life — not to kill the emperor, which was never his goal (though it is what Yoda wanted of him), but to save his father. In the end, he succeeded, but he would never get to know Anakin. He could see him behind his mask, but he would never have his father. This is victory and tragedy. His head sinks, and for an instant he is perfectly still. And then, so easy to miss, his shoulders shake as he exhales his tears. Luke is crying for Vader.

Oh, I lost it, I could barely see the rest of the movie as tears streamed down my face. I’d only cried over two movies before, and somewhere in the back of my mind I was aware of just how insanely dorky it was to cry over Vader’s death. Actually I was crying over Luke’s tears. But this scene only grows more and more touching and poignant as time goes on.

Watch the following video — really wonderfully edited; I know you can’t really hear the dialogue but it’s not important to — and I challenge you not to feel tears.


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So the Star Wars Librarian is moving tomorrow. I’d say that might slow down posts around here, but *looks around* *crickets* Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Anyway, a couple weeks ago as the roommate and I were making one of our last drives between Hither and Yon, this dumb song came on the radio that I had never heard before and she insisted I listen to it. Well, I mean, she played it, and I was in the passenger seat. I don’t exactly get the appeal of bad music, so, you know? But then another friend linked me to this on YouTube and suddenly it all made sense: Obi-Wan wants my body. Wait, what?!

(If you can’t get through the first chorus without beginning to grin, you may not have a soul. Enjoy!)

I threw a wish in the well, [Vader E5, Leia E4, Vader E6, Tarkin E4, Luke E4
Don’t ask me, I’ll never tell, [Anakin E3, Luke E4, Leia E6
I looked to you as it fell, [Emperor E6, Vader E6, Luke E5, Yoda E5, Anakin E2
And now you’re in my way [Vader E4, Obi-Wan E4, Leia E4
I’d trade my soul for a wish, [Obi-Wan E6, Panaka E1, Obi-Wan E4, Anakin E2, Luke E5, Vader E4
Pennies and dimes for a kiss. [Qui-Gon E1, Stormtrooper E4, Luke E5, Han E5
I wasn’t looking for this, [Officer E4, Luke E5, Han E4
But now you’re in my way. [Yoda E5, Obi-Wan E4, Han E6
Your stare was holdin’, [Vader E5, Panaka E1, Obi-Wan E6, Padmé E2 deleted scene
Ripped jeans, skin was showin’ [Chewie E5, Leia E4, Threepio E1
Hot night, wind was blowin’ [Anakin E3, Anakin E2, Anakin E2
Where you think you’re going, baby? [Threepio E4, Han E4

Hey, I just met you, [Luke E5, Gold Leader E4,
And this is crazy, [Padmé E1, Luke E5,
But here’s my number, [Han E4, Han E6, Yoda E2, Obi-Wan E4
So call me, maybe? [Vader E6, Emperor E6, Obi-Wan E1
It’s hard to look right [Han E4, Yoda E1, Padmé E2, Luke E5
At you, baby, [Han E6, Padmé E3
But here’s my number [Threepio E4, Han E6, Threepio E6, Queen E1
So call me, maybe? [Obi-Wan E6, Threepio E4, Boss Nass E1
Hey, I just met you, [Han E4, Gold Leader E4, Padmé E1,
And this is crazy, [Threepio E4, Han E6,
But here’s my number, [Han E4, Han E6, Padmé E3, Queen E1
So call me, maybe? [Obi-Wan E6, Emperor E6, Yoda E5

And all the other boys [Anakin E3, Threepio E5, Han E4, Obi-Wan E4
Try to chase me, [Motti E4, Obi-Wan E3, Han E4
But here’s my number, [Threepio E4, Han E6, Anakin E3, Obi-Wan E4
So call me, maybe? [Vader E6, Han E4, Dooku E2

You took your time with the call, [Han E4, Obi-Wan E6, Obi-Wan E3, Luke E6, Ackbar E6, Han E4
I took no time with the fall [Obi-Wan E5, Obi-Wan E6, Obi-Wan E2, Yoda E5, Dooku E3
You gave me nothing at all, [Vader E6, Anakin E2, Vader E6, Threepio E4
But still, you’re in my way [Dooku E2, Vader E5, Obi-Wan E4, Wedge E6,

I beg, and borrow and steal [Bib Fortuna E6, Jawa E4
Have foresight and it’s real [Sebulba E1, Jabba E6
I didn’t know I would feel it, [Greedo E4
But it’s in my way [Jabba E6

Your stare was holdin’, [Anakin E3, Panaka E1, Obi-Wan E2, Padmé E2 deleted scene
Ripped jeans, skin was showin’ [Chewie E5, Leia E4, Obi-Wan E6, Threepio E1
Hot night, wind was blowin’ [Anakin E3, Anakin E2, Dooku E2
Where you think you’re going, baby? [Luke E4, Anakin E3

Hey, I just met you, [Luke E4, Threepio E4, Padmé E1
And this is crazy,  [Obi-Wan E4, Gold Leader E4, Leia E5
But here’s my number, [Emperor E3, Han E6, Emperor E6, Officer E4
So call me, maybe? [Vader E6, Luke E4, Obi-Wan E1
It’s hard to look right [Han E4, Padmé E1, Han E5, Luke E5
At you, baby, [Han E6, Padmé E3
But here’s my number, [Threepio E4, Han E6, Anakin E3, Obi-Wan E4
So call me, maybe? [Watto E1, Emperor E6, Dooku E2

Hey, I just met you, [Han E5, Gold Leader E4, Padmé E1
And this is crazy, [Obi-Wan E4, Threepio E4, Jar Jar E1
But here’s my number, [Obi-Wan E2 deleted scene, Emperor E6, Obi-Wan E4
So call me, maybe? [Emperor E6, Luke E4, Obi-Wan E1

And all the other boys, [Anakin E3, Leia E5, Obi-Wan E6, Gold Leader E4
Try to chase me, [Motti E4, Obi-Wan E3, Anakin E3
But here’s my number, [Han E4, Han E6, Windu E2, Officer E4
So call me, maybe? [Obi-Wan E6, Emperor E6, Yoda E1

Before you came into my life, [Luke E4, Leia E4, Emperor E3, Threepio E4
I missed you so bad– [Anakin E3, Palpatine E2, Panaka E1
I missed you so bad– [Anakin E3, Han E6
I missed you so, so bad. [Anakin E3, Palpatine E2, Obi-Wan E6, Han E4
Before you came into my life, [Han E4, Leia E4, Emperor E3,
I missed you so bad [Anakin E3, Vader E6, Luke E5
And you should know that [Obi-Wan E6, Qui-Gon E1, Han E6,
I missed you so, so bad [Anakin E3, Watto E1, Boss Nass E1, Leia E5

It’s hard to look right [Han E4, Yoda E1, Han E4, Obi-Wan E4
At you baby, [Han E6, Anakin E3,
But here’s my number, [Obi-Wan E3, Han E6, Emperor E6, Obi-Wan E4
So call me, maybe? [Threepio E5, Han E4, Yoda E5, Padmé E3

Hey, I just met you, [Han E5, Threepio E4, Padmé E1
And this is crazy, [Obi-Wan E4, Nute Gunray E2, Han E6
But here’s my number, [Threepio E4, Han E6, Anakin E1, officer E4
So call me, maybe? [Vader E6, Emperor E6, Obi-Wan E1

And all the other boys, [Anakin E3, Yoda E5, Anakin E3, Gold Leader E4
Try to chase me, [Motti E4, Obi-Wan E3, Obi-Wan E4
But here’s my number, [Luke E4, Han E6, Luke E6, Obi-Wan E4
So call me, maybe? [Vader E6, Anakin E2, Threepio E5, Yoda E3

Before you came into my life, [Threepio E4, Leia E4, Emperor E3, Sleaze Baggano E2
I missed you so bad– [Anakin E2, Shmi E1, Anakin E2,
I missed you so bad– [Anakin E2, Shmi E1, Jar Jar E1
I missed you so, so bad. [Anakin E2, Vader E6, Vader E6, Luke E4
Before you came into my life, [Obi-Wan E4, Leia E4, Emperor E3, Threepio E4
I missed you so bad [Anakin E2, Threepio E4, Boss Nass E1
And you should know that [Obi-Wan E4, Yoda E5, Obi-Wan E5
So call me, maybe? [Obi-Wan E5, Emperor E6, Yoda E1

Galaxy of Passion

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Just a quick one today, sorry. This is incredibly funny, probably less than family friendly, and definitely a telenovella I would watch religiously!

The First Party

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I have been meaning to post about this for ages, honestly. I mean telling you all about the glorious Episode I bash that we threw. And then I thought, well, I need content, and I’m in a reminiscing kind of mood. So here we go. I’ve redone the pictures, but the text is mainly as-is from the original post.

So, this month, in case you didn’t know it, in case you’re retarded or don’t know anything about anything, this is National Star Wars Month, and last week, for those not dedicated to dedicate the entire month to the worthiest of causes, was National Star Wars Week. And in fact, for those who cannot even be bothered to pay attention for a week, May 19th is National Star Wars Day. We in fact had the party of the decade on May 18th, which is not even a remotely significant date in the history and canon of the Star Wars Saga, but it was a convenient date for everyone given our other plans.

As I believe you should have noticed, Kristine and I dedicated Saturday to preparing the festivities. If you didn’t notice, well, bite me and go read that stupid post. Otherwise, moving on! Monday morning, I dug out a bunch of action figures from my closet and collected some soundtracks and stuff. Then, after Kristine got off work, about 12:30, Michelle and I headed down to her house, where she had already prepped the Jawa Eyes and was working on the Yoda Sausage when we arrived. I proceeded to sort out mynock eggs by color, decorate the living room, and . . . take pictures obsessively. Here is Kristine making Yoda Sausage:


Here are decorations and things, and our sweet, sweet table.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we ate and gloriously feasted . . . actually, we ate about a tenth of what we would’ve a few years ago, but oh well. We put E1 in the DVD player and rocked out. After the movie got boring, we took out Star Wars LIFE and I won, except I think I had to categorically lose because I drew Yoda for my master and that just sucks. And that was how Star Wars’ 10th anniversary went for us. I feel so freaking old? Yeah.

Playing Star Wars Life.

Playing Star Wars Life.

via I Am a Jedi at Hundredaire Socialite.

In conclusion, I have no idea why I cut this post off so randomly without even a mention of the piece d’resistance, that is, a piece of cake, so here is a photo montage of my favorite Episode I Cake moments.

(It’s entirely possible I didn’t do pics of the cake because I meant to add this video I did of us with the cake. Here you go.)