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Robot Chicken III

Posted in Fun with tags , , , , , on 22 July 2011 by Megan

A wise man once said that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view. Every story has multiple perspectives. Take the groundbreaking story “In a Grove” by legendary Japanese writer Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. This short story is generally considered the best of Japanese literature, and it’s not hard to see why, as it presents a murder to the reader from the perspective of every single person involved in it, including the victim, without ever revealing the murderer. The point of the story is to show you that our perspectives and biases screw with us and make the truth an evasive and cloudy concepts in many situations when we would prefer to think of the truth as an inflexible line dividing right and wrong, black and white, regular and unleaded, skim and whole milk . . .

Today’s Fun Friday is about alternate perspectives. Things that make you think, think hard, and then think again. Because today’s Fun Friday is about . . . .

Execute Order 67!!

THE SUPER COOL RELEASE OF STAR WARS ROBOT CHICKEN III, now available literally everywhere! (Yes, literally everywhere! Ask random people on the street–look in your refrigerator–there is no place you can’t buy it! I recommend, though.)

This is the absolute best of all the Star Wars Robot Chickens, though it builds on the first two and so you should’ve seen them, too. In a more or less cohesive storyline, it tells you Palpatine’s own story of his rise to power and eventual defeat, revealing the hidden stories of such famed and supposedly evil Star Wars personalities as Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Wampa from Episode V! The brilliant Seth Green and Breckin Meyer join up with Seth MacFarlane for a third go at the Star Wars universe, an hour-long special so funny, I have watched it pretty much every single week on the DVR since it came out in December. The DVD promises all sorts of extras, including an interview with George Lucas, and if the first Robot Chicken Star Wars taught me anything, it’s that Seth Green special features are not to be missed! 26 deleted scenes, including one of Mace Windu eating ice cream, which I think will be pretty worth it.

Also, Amazon will let you buy all three specials for $32, which is pretty cool and just about $10/pop, so now you can hang out and watch limitless funny Star Wars.

There are some awesome answers to burning questions I know you were afraid to ask nestled into this 45-minute long special: how Boba Fett really escaped the Sarlaac pit, what the first 65 orders were, who is really responsible for the downfall of the galaxy, how Palpatine got into politics in the first place, plus rare glimpses into Boba Fett’s childhood after his father’s death and his later struggles with alcoholism! Your biggest question answered? The super-duper secret title to Episode VII!

The special is pretty much chronologically set up and therefore starts with a lot of prequel stuff before moving into the original trilogy. As always, the stop-motion animation is mesmerizing, the voice acting is brilliant, the details flawless, and the humor 99.95% of the time spot-on, die hard funny. The Star Wars films paint Palpatine with a pretty bleak brush, but he actually imparts some rare pieces of wisdom, including “Choose your apprentice in haste, repent in leisure” and “Live big, dream big, love big, fall to your death down a giant freakin’ hole.” Watch my favorite of the promos here ([Adult Swim] won’t let me embed — sigh!) and then go buy the DVD from Amazon! Bonus points: Read the bizarre review that complains that some of the scenes “MADE NO SENSE,” which is ironic because “no sense” is what that review made!

MTFBWY, and if you can get Seth Green to read this review, tell him I think he’s a hilarious and gorgeous man who should recommend my blog to people!

Spotlight: 3D Glasses

Posted in Announcements, Spotlight with tags , , , on 1 May 2011 by Megan

The earliest reference I could find online  to the imminent arrival of your rebel fleet–er, I mean imminent release of the Star Wars saga in 3D, sorry, is from the Guardian in 2005 (here). According to them, the Big G. L. himself announced at a Las Vegas convention on March 17, 2005, that he was looking into making the six films 3D.

The news starts to pop in 2008. back in 2008 (here). This would have made a good early birthday present for me that year, but I wasn’t aware of it, even though it spread to various blogs pretty quickly. The gut of the matter is that Dreamworks Animations CEO Katzenberg confirmed that The Big G. L. was looking to do the saga in 3D, and,  “He isn’t going to put a product out, I think, that isn’t anything other than first rate.”


Other blogs picked this up right away. Io9 (here) was critical of the project, but pointed to a much more useful report from Ain’t It Cool News (here) with several great tidbits. One, that ShoWest “a few years ago” screened 3D scenes from ANH that were reportedly “breathtaking.” Two, that other earlier references had hinted that this hasn’t really come out of the blue at all. Later that same day, Jenna Wortham of Wired reported (here) pretty much the same thing in different words. More interestingly, she noted the divided response of fanboys: pretty much half and half, with as many people screaming “NOOOOO!” as “I approve!” This isn’t new, though, for SW. We’re an opinionated bunch, and those opinions usually don’t line up. Just look at me! I have my own canon. Oh, and interestingly enough, Wortham points out that a 3D conversion can cost $50,000-$100,000 per minute. That’s anywhere from $39 to $79 million to do all six films. Oh, and Gizmodo (here), a few hours later, did their own report–basically Wired’s report with the moral question of, “They’ll make their money back, but is it worth it?” Continue reading

Spotlight: BluRay

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Saga on BluRay

The Complete Saga!

Well, the big news of this week is, naturally, that Star Wars has finally come available on Blu-Ray. This also marks, to the absolute best of my knowledge, the only time all six films have been made available at one time. Yes, that’s right, you can get all six films in one set! Now, a collector like me is pretty well cheesed that Mr. Lucas hasn’t done this in the last six years. Actually, I’ve still never forgiven him for not releasing Episode III was a VHS, let alone a complete set of VHS tapes. I know it probably wasn’t lucrative, but the lack of an E3 tape looks like a broken tooth on my shelf of Star Wars tapes. I’m kind of tapping my foot and drumming my fingers that the six films have never come out as a DVD set, either. (Personally I’ve never seen the big deal about BluRay, but my sister says you’ve got to have a good TV and all the right wires to make it worthwhile.) I really don’t know what the hangup is about releasing them in sets that it’s taken them until 2011, but I digress.

Yes, that’s right, is even offering you a pre-order price of 36% off, making it a grand total of $89.99. The actual release date is September 16, 2011, a mere 4 months and 25 days before the release of Episode I in 3D to theaters.

Now, say you don’t want the complete saga on BluRay. Why? I don’t know. But I have my own canon and I’m not going to criticize people who also take the trouble to customize their canon. Additionally, you might be like me, hankering to own each and every multimedia copy of the legendary films that are released, from laserdisc to BluRay and back again. I’m the person who has to stop myself every time I’m in a Half Price Books from buying up every single Episode I VHS I find for a dollar. (It’d be kind of cool to own every VHS copy of E1 possible, okay? It would.) So Amazon has a treat for you all, too. Well, Amazon and Lucasfilm, I suppose.

So now you can buy the prequels, or the original trilogy, or all three conveniently on Amazon. Or, more accurately, pre-order them for a low-low price of 36% off. And that’s the spotlight for this Sunday! MTFBWY.