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Galaxy of Passion

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Just a quick one today, sorry. This is incredibly funny, probably less than family friendly, and definitely a telenovella I would watch religiously!

Hoth Fashions

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“And I got stuck with the kid who wore the jacket the entire week! [shouting] It’s a million degrees out! Why don’t you go live on Hoth, you freak?!” (Psych, season 3, episode 15, “Tuesday the 17th”).

When I was 12, I was super excited for the few weeks I actually had a parka with a faux-fur lining on the hood because I thought I looked just like Han Solo. Then the coat went int he dryer, the fur all melted, and, well, anyway . . . My point is that now we can all look exactly like Han Solo for the super low-low price of “more money than I could ever possibly put down on a coat” thanks to Star Wars and Adidas! Via Hypebeast and Geeks @ The Daily What, here is the Fall/Winter Star Wars 2011 collection from Adidas.

Star Wars adidas winter wear

Doing a little rebel laundry . . .

Now, that’s what I’m talking about! I’m assuming they don’t sell the low-slung hip holster for the blaster, but the kicks and jackets are theirs. Did I say jackets? Yeah, apart from the snazzy green flight jacket, there is a white rebel soldier jacket (a la Hoth) and a clever Darth Vader leather jacket . . . with kicks. Everything with kicks. Because we all have hundreds of bucks to drop on sneakers, amiright? But, hey, doesn’t stop ’em from looking cool.



So that’s the story. Sweet Adidas fall and winter fashions for you and yours. Check ’em out!

Interestingly enough, some of the commenters on these sites are complaining about the lack of accuracy in these clothes. What’s your take on it? I feel like they aren’t supposed to be film replicas of the clothing actually worn by the characters, and that research isn’t really necessary because the jackets and shoes are more like nods or tributes to the concept than something for cosplay.


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What is the average weight of a tauntaun and in which season do they prefer to mate? — Jesse

Taun tauns in the wild

Tauntauns from the Field Guide

Tauntauns, a semi-reptilian mammal,¬† are one of the few lifeforms living on the frozen planet of Hoth. While there are several different species of tauntaun, the one seen in the film¬† is a giant common tauntaun. These are typically 8’2″ tall and about fifteen feet long. Their internal organs are protected by a thick layer of blubber and thick white or gray fur. While none of the sources I have on hand speculate on weight, it seems safe to assume they are well over 3,000 lbs.

Hoth does not actually have seasons, per se, but tauntauns can have up to two young at a time twice in the Hoth year. Their young are born live, and while the female tauntauns do not have mammary glands, they can provide a milky sustenance from their crops for the newborns.

You can read more about tauntauns in The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide (ISBN 9780811828697), pp. 46-9. It is possible that more of the specific information you’re looking for could be mentioned here — though I would not guarantee it.