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Waking up like a Wookiee this Christmas!

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A guest blog from Adam about the Star Wars side of the holiday season!

Whether you want the Light Saber with a glass tube or your own personal Millennium Falcon, letting out a Wookie War Call is only half the fun of a Star Wars Christmas.  Here are three ways to go to sleep the night before and wake up Jedi ready to open your gifts and have a fun themed photo with your friends or family.   All of these images came from and the products can be found at

A Wookiee Wake Up.

If you want to tear through your gifts, there’s no better way than dressed as a Wookiee.  If you combine the faux-fur Chewbacca Star Wars bathrobe with a pair of faux-fur bear slippers, you will be ready to rip into your gifts and war call your way into Kashyyk Christmas.  You’ll love posing while ripping apart a gift in your cool new Chewbacca bath robe.

A Dark Side Christmas Morning

If you’re not such a fan of the Wookiee wake up, or sunlight in the morning, try celebrating with a Darth Vader dark side morning.  By combining the Darth Vader hooded bathrobe with these fun lounge pants for men or women and a black tshirt, the dark side can be the right side this holiday season.  What better way to scare the person who bought you that gift you really didn’t like than dressed as the original bad guy himself.

Let the War Begin.

If your house is like mine, then there is a definite war going on when it’s time to open gifts.  To create a fun photo for the holidays and also have a cool way to open gifts, you can try the hooded Jedi Robe and if you have another person, get them the Hooded R2D2 robe for a fun in flight photo.  If there are still more people, you can throw in the Storm Trooper Hooded Robes, Yoda with Ears, and also a Darth Vader if someone wants to steal a gift for the photo.  Not only do these robes make the perfect gift, but they will create a holiday photo everyone on Facebook will love and something you will all remember.  You could have R2D2 in front steering everyone with the Storm Troopers to his side.  The Jedis behind or in front kneeling down and Vader holding a gift and a Lightsaber defending his stolen gift.

If you have a Star Wars fan in your house, he or she probably has every collector’s item and fan gear available.  If you want to get him or her something they’ll love, actually use and that can make an awesome holiday photo, the Star Wars robes are the perfect solution.  They’re unique, fun and functional which is why they make the perfect present for the holidays, a thinking of you gift, or even for a birthday.


My New Purse

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Let’s try to keep some posting going on around here. Today let me expound upon another fantastic purchase from the monkeys at ThinkGeek. Again, I’m borrowing content from my main blog because I honestly think this one needs content. So here we go!


In all its vinyl glory

First things first: I finally bought this delicious vinyl Star Wars purse from ThinkGeek last week. When it was on sale, I really didn’t have any money and talked myself out of it, but in subsequent weeks I realized just how much I really do need a purse, and not one I was carrying around at the age of 15. So I combined some different offers and got it for $14 off. And I’m very pleased with it. I’m also very pleased to be in the sort of career where I can exhibit such geeky eccentricities (in the event I ever get a real job . . . ). And just because I like it so much, I wanted to share it.

Moving backwardly, on to my other topic: pie for breakfast. This is a tradition going back literally tens of years. I have a fairly distinct vague memory (or a vague distinct memory, depending on the day) of one day-after-Thanksgiving, when I was fairly young, when Mom asked me what I wanted for breakfast, and I was astonished when my joking “Pie!” was answered with a cheerful, “All right.” And so every year since, the morning after Thanksgiving, I’ve had a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast. Did I mention it has to be pumpkin? No other pie is valid, and though I’ve eaten various pies for breakfast over the years, none of them count.

Thanksgiving evening, as things were winding down and I noticed food being packed up, put away, and distributed, I had the sudden panic that maybe no one was going to keep a piece of pie for me to have in the morning. All the dietary changes around here have resulted in a severe famine of all things dessert-shaped, crusted, wheat-based, so it was a legitimate fear. And then I started thinking along the lines of just how important this is to me; like, I would’ve been really disappointed if I hadn’t noticed where the pie had been put away in the fridge. The last few years, I’ve even foregone eating pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving itself because I would be eating it the next morning.

I wasn’t going to post about Thanksgiving at all except for that piece of pie. Which, by the way, I did enjoy thoroughly the next morning, cold from the fridge, all thick and pumpkiny. Last Thanksgiving was a really wonderful time, and I felt a lot of affection for my family that went along with my general assurance of how good the universe was and how well everything would continue to go. This year I simply didn’t care about the holiday at all, and all I was really interested in was that piece of pie, because it linked me to a simpler and happier time, connecting me with many good Thanksgivings past.

I didn’t and still don’t feel particularly grateful for anything this year, which is why I wasn’t going to post about it. Which isn’t to say I feel some kind of sullen resentment instead; I simply don’t feel anything at all. I feel frustrated, which is a good word, but not much else. I’m planning to spend a great weekend with Michelle in the middle of December, but after everything, I can’t really work myself up to hoping for it. I kind of feel like one more disappointment is going to break the camel’s back. But, I do feel kind of glad I got my pie. And I’m very pleased with my purse, although I couldn’t really afford it. And now I’m watching A New Hope, because I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks.

This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. A more elegant weapon, for a more civilized age. — Obi-Wan Kenobi

(Pie for Breakfast via Hundredaire Socialite)

Reading list, Star Wars purse, hot coffee

Reading list, Star Wars purse, hot coffee

The other great thing I’ve learned about this purse is it can hold a number of library books, plus lunch and other necessities. A great investment.

Lil Obi-Wan rocking it on the way to Maryland in December

Lil Obi-Wan rocking it on the way to Maryland in December

My absolute only complaint is that the vinyl has worn and cracked at an excessive rate considering the short amount of time I’ve had it, but ThinkGeek shipped me a replacement at no extra cost. I think I just got a dud one. The new one is great. I love this purse.

Happy Nevermind!

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The Slackers’ Holiday!

As I am pretty sure you are all able to tell, the Christmas season is upon us, and let me just stop right there and say I am so busy right now, I can’t even begin to imagine when I’m going to have time to keep you all entertained and answer your questions.

For the questions I have on hold, I deeply apologize. For everybody else out there, use this time to come up with stuff to ask me.

In light of the holiday season, why not troll for questions one of the biggest question-inducing mistakes George Lucas ever embarked upon, second only to The New Jedi Order? That’s right! The Star Wars Holiday Special, which I have never seen, but which our friends at Rifftrax will gladly offer you a sample of!

Merry Christmas, guys. See ya round.

Spotlight: Easter

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Stormtrooper Easter Bunny

I’m here to deliver this Death Star egg. What? No takers?

Today, as you might have noticed, was Easter across the Empire. It wasn’t for me because I’ve been doing research papers all day. However, that doesn’t mean that stormtroopers across the galaxy weren’t doing their share to spread Easter cheer.What kind of cheer? Well, Easter eggs, of course!

Star Wars and Easter Eggs go together like ham and bacon. Or something. Here are some of the best Star Wars Easter eggs:

  • The number 1138 appears in every film somewhere.
  • To see the Episode I gag reel, go under the Options menu and hit 10+1 (or 11), 3, and 8. The same will get you the gag reel on E2.
  • E.T. makes an appearance in E1 in the Senate.
  • Two YT-1300s are visible on Naboo as the refugee transport makes its landing (E2).
  • Achmed Best and Anthony Daniels appear out of costume as different characters in the nightclub on Coruscant in E2.
  • One of the asteroids in the asteroid belt Jango chases Obi-Wan through is a shaak from Naboo.
  • On disc 1 of the E3 DVD, in the Options menu, highlight the THX  and select 1, 1, 3, 8 to watch Yoda do a hip hop dance.
  • In the opening scene of Episode III, one of the pieces of shrapnel that flies off the destroyed Separatist ship is a literal kitchen sink.
  • The Millennium Falcon can be seen departing Coruscant in E3.
  • George Lucas and his daughter can be seen in alien getup in the opera house scene in E3. Actually, all three of Lucas’ kids appear in the films–the young Jedi Zett (in E2 and E3) is played by his son.
  • In the special edition Mos Eisely sequence of ANH, Dash Rendar’s ship Outrider can be seen lifting off.
Bunny Trooperes

Seriously, I can’t get any takers?

Some more SW-related Easter eggs dropped off by the Stormtrooper bunny . . .

  • In Star Trek (2009), you can see R2-D2 flying through space. It’s the scene where the Enterprise reaches Vulcan and the camera looks out the viewport over Pike’s shoulder

What? Not the eggs you were looking for? Fiiiiine . . . I find these less cheery than these hip-hoppity Stormtroopers — the rash of these eggheaded villains and heroes I’ve been seeing all over the webs today:

Star Wars Easter Eggs

Star Wars Easter Eggs

Another batch of eggs

And a second batch . . .

Now, no offense to anyone, of course, but those are just freaky. Giant-headed Yoda is far more distressing than the typical brand, and, call me old-fashioned all you like, but stickers on Easter eggs is frankly cheating. The movie stills are kind of cute, but in all, it just doesn’t seem like the egg-making experience I’m looking for. Conversely, these hand-painted eggs ooze adorableness:

Adorable Ewok, Maul, and Chewie

Adorable Ewok, Maul, and Chewie

So there you have it. That’s how the galaxy’s celebrating Easter this year. May the Force be with you!