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Facts in Fiction: Conspiracy Theories for Star Wars

Posted in Announcements with tags , , , , on 9 July 2014 by Megan

Did you miss it? I had a guest blog on Star Wars Anonymous today, so be sure and check it out!

Star Wars Anonymous

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? I do. With my site ( focused on canon, I don’t often get to indulge myself with theorizing, so this chance to write about some delicious conspiracies is super exciting. Here are three conspiracy theories drawn from and proven by events from the films only. Please enjoy!

  • Jocasta Nu erased Kamino from the Archive for Count Dooku.

jedi_archives06This discarded subplot drives me insane — it’s the most interesting thing in Episode II, but it’s never mentioned again. Obi-Wan asks who could have deleted Kamino from the archives: he considers it so impossible, it didn’t even occur to him that it could have been done on purpose. Yoda calls the puzzle “dangerous and disturbing,” but never does anything about it. But the answer is obvious.

In a deleted scene, Jocasta Nu finds Obi-Wan ruminating on a bust of Count Dooku. After…

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A disturbance in the library force

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It’s not always unfortunate when Darth Vader has to bring a garrison in!

These late fees mean I’m gonna have to Force choke you.

Valerie Bogert over at Skipping Through the Stacks shares her experience with the local Imperials via A disturbance in the library force. Enjoy!

Waking up like a Wookiee this Christmas!

Posted in Spotlight with tags , , , , on 8 December 2013 by Megan

A guest blog from Adam about the Star Wars side of the holiday season!

Whether you want the Light Saber with a glass tube or your own personal Millennium Falcon, letting out a Wookie War Call is only half the fun of a Star Wars Christmas.  Here are three ways to go to sleep the night before and wake up Jedi ready to open your gifts and have a fun themed photo with your friends or family.   All of these images came from and the products can be found at

A Wookiee Wake Up.

If you want to tear through your gifts, there’s no better way than dressed as a Wookiee.  If you combine the faux-fur Chewbacca Star Wars bathrobe with a pair of faux-fur bear slippers, you will be ready to rip into your gifts and war call your way into Kashyyk Christmas.  You’ll love posing while ripping apart a gift in your cool new Chewbacca bath robe.

A Dark Side Christmas Morning

If you’re not such a fan of the Wookiee wake up, or sunlight in the morning, try celebrating with a Darth Vader dark side morning.  By combining the Darth Vader hooded bathrobe with these fun lounge pants for men or women and a black tshirt, the dark side can be the right side this holiday season.  What better way to scare the person who bought you that gift you really didn’t like than dressed as the original bad guy himself.

Let the War Begin.

If your house is like mine, then there is a definite war going on when it’s time to open gifts.  To create a fun photo for the holidays and also have a cool way to open gifts, you can try the hooded Jedi Robe and if you have another person, get them the Hooded R2D2 robe for a fun in flight photo.  If there are still more people, you can throw in the Storm Trooper Hooded Robes, Yoda with Ears, and also a Darth Vader if someone wants to steal a gift for the photo.  Not only do these robes make the perfect gift, but they will create a holiday photo everyone on Facebook will love and something you will all remember.  You could have R2D2 in front steering everyone with the Storm Troopers to his side.  The Jedis behind or in front kneeling down and Vader holding a gift and a Lightsaber defending his stolen gift.

If you have a Star Wars fan in your house, he or she probably has every collector’s item and fan gear available.  If you want to get him or her something they’ll love, actually use and that can make an awesome holiday photo, the Star Wars robes are the perfect solution.  They’re unique, fun and functional which is why they make the perfect present for the holidays, a thinking of you gift, or even for a birthday.


Guest Post: Review: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

Posted in Reviews, Spotlight with tags , , , , , on 1 December 2013 by Megan

This review is from my new favorite blog,  The Ramblings of a (Future) Jedi Librarian. I was given this book in August, and it is well worth the read for English majors, Shakespeare buffs, and Star Wars fans alike! But I’ll let the Jedi Librarian sum up.

In honor of Star Wars Reads Day, I’m reviewing one of the newest Star Wars books to hit the shelves.  This is quite possibly the oddest, yet coolest combination to come out from Quirk Books, who added Zombies to Pride and Prejudice to make a runaway bestseller.  This version by Ian Doescher combines my first love with The Bard, and as a former English major who took two Shakespeare classes I can’t resist it.  Translating the famous lines of Star Wars to iambic pentameter has some hilarious results, and translating some of Shakespeare’s famous lines to a Star Wars setting are equally hilarious.

“In time so long ago begins our play,

in star-crossed galaxy far, far away.”

These last two lines of the prologue, a re-imaging of the famous yellow crawl, invokes part of the prologue from Romeo and Juliet.  At least in my opinion.  The opening lines of Act 1 Scene one though is a clear parody of the opening lines of Richard the III.

“Now is the winter of our discontent,

Made glorious summer by this sun of York.” – Richard the II


“Now is the summer of our happiness

Made winter by this sudden, fierce attack!” – C-3PO

I laughed hysterically.  And it’s not the last time a line mirrors or spoofs a line from a Shakespeare play.  Clearly, Doescher knows his Shakespeare.  And his Star Wars.  The nods to Shakespeare are part of what makes this spoof so funny, it’s not just in iambic pentameter, it actually uses his plays as a template and inspiration.  And as Doescher believes, Star wars is full of characters and events commonly found in Shakespeare plays.  Lovers, sword fights, evil villains, rogues, princesses, good vs. evil, the old wizard or kindly friar like character.  Even if you aren’t familiar with Shakespeare, I think you’ll be laughing at the hilarity of it, or at the very least at the drawings of favorite characters dressed in Medievil dress.

Unfortunately, I found the almost constant asides by Obi-Wan and C-3PO anoying after a while.  I know Shakespeare utilized the aside to have the characters talk directly to the audience, but I don’t recall him using it as often as Doescher seems to.  A few times is OK, but in almost every seen starts to get annoying.

That being said, it’s my only criticism.  Overall it’s a hilarious retelling of a Scifi classic with classic literary flair.  I recommend it for English Majors and Shakespeare fans that also happen to be Star Wars fans, and for Star Wars fans that love a good laugh, and just happen to be Shakespeare fans as well.  In the mean time, I’ll be waiting for a Sheakespearean treatment to The Empire Strikes Back.

(review via; check the book out here)

Awarding Good Behavior

Posted in Announcements with tags , , on 29 November 2013 by Megan

So this past Thanksgiving, something unusual happened, unusual but pleasant. I logged into WordPress because I’m a lonely internet geek, and I saw the little yellow square I pretty much live for all lit up like a beacon: a comment on my blog! Yay! Furthermore, this comment indicated that I had just been nominated for a blogging award. To get this award, all I need do is follow a few simple steps. Well, I’m touched and flattered by the tribute, and certainly am always open to the publicity. Right now I’m trying to come up with a new challenge for post population, ’cause that was fun, and hoping to bring in a few guest posts as well. But first, on to the awards ceremony.

"And this one is solid chocolate, so don't eat it at all at once!"

“And this one is solid chocolate, so don’t eat it at all at once!”

Okay, and thrilling music subsides. Hi. Good to see you all. What award did your beloved Star Wars Librarian win, you might wonder? Well, The Wookiee Gunner has presented me with the blogging Liebster Award! (view award post here) So thanks, Wookiee Gunner!


This is award granted to bloggers by other bloggers, and operates in a way some might consider undignified, that is, by the old chain letter schtick. Nevertheless, its purpose is to promote small or unknown blogs, and when the research of said award led me to several blogs I had never read before, I had to admit it had done its task and I would accept the nomination. For details about the Liebster, click (here).

According to the rules of this award, by accepting this award, I have agreed to the following — to repost the rules, to answer 21 random questions, and to nominate, question, and notify other blogs I consider worthy of the award. Very well.

Chicks dig awards

Princesses always prefer smugglers with medals over farmboys — except if they’re named Buttercup

The Rules of the Liebster Award:

  • Post the award on your blog
  • Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer 10 Liebster questions given by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 10 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers
  • Ask your nominees 10 questions
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs

Now, I’m not going to nominate ten bloggers. I have a very good reason for this, and a reasonable justification: first of all, I think that a nomination has more meaning when it is restricted to a few. I read in the official rules that I linked to earlier that one version of the rules called for nominating five, so I give you five.

  • Books Are Better ( — It’s no secret that I love books, and I think they love me back. And while I’m not one to restrict the availability of knowledge, I want people to think, be aware, and appreciate books for what they are. This blog promotes a message I feel deeply about — in their own words, “books may not be the only choice, but they are the better choice, and will be for a long, long time” (via).
  • Life Between the Coffee Spoons ( — We underemployed starving librarian types need to stick together! Personal blogs are the hardest to recommend, but with creative challenges, book reviews, and library happenings, this blog makes counting out your life in coffee spoons a little more bearable. Unless you’re not an underemployed starving librarian; in which case, it’s just fun.
  • Tome Raider Files ( — This blog has the absolutely cleverest name I have ever seen on a blog. Period. The Tome Raider (whose main blog is Scarlet Inkwell) delves into books and tells you what’s worth reading. She also gives author history, interesting tidbits, and suchlike.The problem is, she has not updated in a very long time. Maybe if you all bombard her with requests, she’ll come back!
  • Modern Jedi ( — Another blog that has, sadly, been on hiatus for a good long while. But I love what I’ve read from her and been hoping she’d make a grand return, as Jedi are wont to do. I love a blog with a lot of pictures, and when it’s plus fun prose, well, that just does it for everyone all around! Even if the Modern Jedi doesn’t return, her archives are a fun read, and I think she deserves the award.
  • Claire Cooks ( — If you think I’m as indifferent to food as your average Star Wars character (seriously, when do these guys eat?), well, you’re wrong and haven’t been paying attention to all my party posts. As a kid, I liked to look at cookbooks for the pictures; now I just use Pinterest. But I love to check up on Claire Cooks. Good food, good pictures, plus trips and tales about traveling. What’s not to love?
That's right. Dark Lord of the Sith, baby. And my main men. Women. Bounty hundtresses. Okay, that metaphor got away from me.

That’s right. Dark Lord of the Sith, baby. And my main men. Women. Bounty huntresses. Okay, that metaphor got away from me.

PS, just like how there’s a bounty hunter off the screen in this picture, there’s a sixth blog I would totally nominate for this award, but I only found out about her because she was nominated alongside my blog by the Wookiee Gunner! While the rules state you can nominate someone who’s been nominated before, I feel weird nominating someone who has received it at the same time I did. But you should definitely check out The Ramblings of a (Future) Jedi Librarian because it’s a great blog.

The Liebster Questionnaire: 11 Random Facts About Me

"I wear a suit and I'm awesome."

“I wear a suit and I’m awesome.”

  1. I was against coffee for years (“If I have to acquire a taste, I don’t want it”) but now I love it — only for the taste, color, and smell, because
  2. Caffeine has absolutely no effect on me, unless it actually makes me sleepy.
  3. The poshest thing I have ever done is eat lunch at The Savoy Grill in London.
  4. The smell of paperback books printed in the mid- to late-90s is one of my favorite scents of all time.
  5. I can pretty much identify the decade a book was printed in by scent if it was printed within the last 100 years.
  6. I actually have surprisingly sharp hearing; the reason I consider myself a bit deaf is I utterly cannot filter background sounds.
  7. Psalm 119 was my least favorite portion of Scripture until it became my favorite and now I can’t read it enough.
  8. I am rarely (if ever) as worked up, passionate, or emotional about anything as I (apparently) sound; I’m a pretty satirical person.
  9. A fictional character who most closely resembles me is probably Kipling’s The Cat That Walked By Himself — “I am the Cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me.”
  10. I really like packing stuff.
  11. I don’t hate the word moist.

The Wookiee Gunner’s 10 Questions:

Got questions? Fire away

Got questions? Fire away

  1. Why did you start blogging? It was 2005, my best friend and I were going to college 3,000 miles apart, and Xanga was up and coming. Or do you mean this blog? I started this blog because back in 2001, I had a very hep Star Wars fansite called Kyane’s Homepage (ranked #75 on’s Top 100 Fan Sites before they discontinued them) where my conceit was to answer any Star Wars question from anyone. Three years ago, a friend of mine asked me a question about the Death Star, and I abruptly decided a reference desk Star Wars blog would be the comeback I was looking for. En voila.
  2. What’s your plan for the future? Get a job. A real job at a real library with a break room and everything. Pay off my student loans. Have a home. Get my books out of boxes and onto shelves and hug them and never let go of them until I have to go to work. Go to work. Work hard. Make the most of myself. Redeem the last lost ten years. Is that too specific?
  3. Do you still watch cartoons? If so, which ones? I really never did watch cartoons in the first place. Basically the only cartoons I have ever religiously watched was Homestar Runner, and when they stopped with the updates, well, I just wandered off.
  4. What movies could you watch over and over and still love? Apart from the obvious — at a conservative estimate, I’ve marathoned all six Star Wars films a good hundred times, not including individual watchings — I utterly love the movie Fanboys. But I’m not in a good place to answer this right now because frankly as aforementioned underemployed librarian who doesn’t like to read when she’s depressed, all I’ve done this year is watch the same movies over and over. Seriously. I’ve watched Bourne Legacy eight times since like June.
  5. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? The first thing I ever wanted to be was a paleontologist until I saw how horrifyingly dirty they got. Other early ambitions were author and missionary pilot.
  6. Are you reading any books right now? If so, what? I’m wrapping up my alphabetical challenge; only three from the end, and presently on Mr. Midshipman Hornblower by C. S. Forester. I’m also working on a stack of textbooks on cataloging and librarianship.
  7. What’s your favorite social media platform? I guess by sheer time spent on it alone, it’s going to be Pinterest. First of all, Pinterest is a lot of fun. On my regular account, I have almost 2500 pins and 28 boards covering topics from books to childhood nostalgia and travel, plus stuff I’m passionate about like typewriters, coffee, and hot men! It’s a place to store favorite sites, posts, and videos, plus look at and share pictures. The Star Wars Librarian also has a Pinterest account, and you can check out the geektasticness here! (And if you want to follow regular me on Pinterest, I’m here.)
  8. What’s one thing you would like to change about your life? All I would do is tell my twelve-year-old self, “You want to be a librarian with focus in rare books, special collections, and technical services.” That would be enough. Because then I would have been a more aggressive volunteer at the local library; I would’ve asked to shadow their cataloging department; even if that still didn’t get me a job there at 16, 18, or any of the other innumerable times I’ve applied there, I would’ve had excellent experience. Also, when Dr. George offered to start paying me himself, I would have gone back to work study to work at the campus library. Then I might have gotten the job I have now back in 2008. I would have applied for libraries in the tricounty area until I had a job, and then, with a good decade of volunteer and work experience at my back, I would have gone to grad school. I would have gotten work while earning my MLS. I wouldn’t spend the next 18 months after graduation bleakly unemployed, underemployed, and effectively homeless while doubling my loans on deferment. Oh, look, I’m sorry, I’m depressing the young people . . . moving on!
  9. What fictional world would you like to live in?  The one where jobs grow on trees. Ah! Sorry. I’ll stop for the yet again time. There is a fictional world I’d like to live in, but it’s one I created. Still, in a pinch, I’d accept living in the Star Wars universe.
  10. If you were given one wish, what would you wish for? That whole going back in time thing to tell my twelve-year-old self to invest in becoming a librarian? Or does the wish preclude time travel? Then I just wish I had a full time job.

Questions For My Nominees:

Listen up, guys.

Listen up, guys.

  1. How big of a Star Wars fan are you?
  2. Out of the six Star Wars films, which is your favorite?
  3. What’s a book (any book) you think everyone should read?
  4. What’s a book you love that no one else (or very few) loves?
  5. If you had the power to make one fictional character a real person in your life, who would it be, and would it be romantic or purely platonic?
  6. You buy a copy of one of your favorite books and find out it will transport you to the book’s world (like in Myst). What’s the book?
  7. Where is one (real) place you’ve always wanted to go and haven’t been?
  8. If you could live absolutely anywhere for one year, expenses paid,  where would it be?
  9. For one day, you are the most important person in the universe. What do they make you for dinner?
  10. In your mind, what would make the coolest homemade Star Wars cake of all time?

All right! Good day and thanks for playing.

Doing Death Stars

Posted in Fun with tags , , , , , , on 31 May 2013 by Megan

Last Friday was the 30th anniversary of my favorite, Return of the Jedi. I like to do parties and stuff to commemorate big Star Wars anniversaries, but I couldn’t get anybody to do a party with me. So instead I made some cake pops and iced coffee and watched ROTJ over the phone with a friend of mine.

My lovely workstation!

Small scale Death Star workstation

Because I was basically keeping it simple, I just took the chocolate cake recipe out of the booklet that came with the pop maker. It’s actually really weird to make real batter after mug cakes, because “3/4 cups flour” seems like so much! This batter is the runniest out of all of them, but I finally figured out the best way to pour it out using a glass measuring cup, so this was the most convenient run of this.

Cake pop maker and timer!

Use the timer to count out 5 minutes bake time

They bake for 5 minutes. I could probably get almost a full dozen more pops if it weren’t for how much batter I keep spilling over — but I don’t get that much practice.


Early batch with extremely uneven sizes

Gordon Ramsay would seriously not approve of their unevenness. Then, after extracting them from the cooker, I dropped them in a bowl of confectioner sugar.

Apply libewally.

Apply libewally!

The idea here was that these would be “unfinished Death Stars,” see? Since they’re round and dark and stuff. It may be a stretch, but this was an epically low-budget, low-effort celebration.

Mini Death Stars a-coolin'

Mini Death Stars a-coolin’

You may ask what those few pariah cake balls are there to the side. Well, okay, since you asked — I thought of this experiment while I was working on this. What if I stuck some caramel filled Rollos into the cake while it was baking?

Caramel-filled chocolate reactor cores?

Caramel-filled chocolate reactor cores?

And I thought, you know, they might be like the Death Star core or something, all melty and caramel. Anyway, I got them in successfully and they baked very well. Unfortunately the problem was that the cake pops wouldn’t come out of the holes and kept separating, so they didn’t look aesthetically pleasing at all.

Not even a little. But flavor taste = sensational!

Not even a little. But flavor taste = sensational!

Despite all that, though, the taste was absolutely amazing. So not a complete flop; definitely something to pursue.

Anyway, after all of that, I loaded up my Imperial mug with mini Death Stars, fixed up some iced coffee, and settled in to watch the best movie ever. Ah. Happy 30th birthday, ROTJ.

A modest but satisfying collection.

A modest but satisfying collection.

Doing Death Stars via Mug Madness.

Party Planner

Posted in Fun with tags , , , , , , , , , on 10 May 2013 by Megan

Because May is Star Wars parties month, I’d like to call your attention back to the last two parties I’ve done by pointing you in the direction of the posts done on them, and also to reblog this post from HS that I did on some parties I’d like to have in the future.

2009: The 10th Anniversary of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and the first time Michelle came out to visit in Ohio. She and Kristine and I threw the first of several Parties of the Century. Read more (here).

2012: The 10th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and the first time Michelle came to visit in Indiana. She and Kristine and I threw the second Party of the Century. Read about it (here).

The third Party of the Century hasn’t occurred yet. That’s because the 10th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith doesn’t happen until May of 2015. But in the meantime, these sorts of things take awhile to plan, especially since I mean for the third party to the best one yet, since, after all, E3 was the best prequel. The guest list includes Kristine, Michelle, and Allison, as well as myself, and even though it’s a couple years away, I’m enjoying the planning process. Besides which, there are other Star Wars milestones coming up. Return of the Jedi, which is my favorite of the original trilogy, celebrates its 30th birthday this May . . . which is why it’s kind of frustrating that my biggest theme party I’ve come up with so far is for Empire Strikes Back! But regardless: these are the next two Star Wars parties I’m working on.

Star Wars Party 3: The Third Gathers

If you count the tauntaun, there will be exactly this many guests at my "party of the century"!

If you count the tauntaun, there will be exactly this many guests at my “party of the century”!

Winter parties are cute. So it must follow that a Star Wars winter party must be freaking adorable; plus there’s so much material to work with! I originally meant this Hoth/Empire Strikes Back-styled party to circle around the release of one of the films to 3D, so that the party could relocate to the tridimensional theater of our choice and then reconvene for the rest of the party on a buzz of lightsabers in 3D. However, the first dampener was that ESB wasn’t due out in theaters again until 2017, followed by the fact that now I have no idea when its 3D release is scheduled. But let that not stand in my way! This party will take place in some wintery month in the near future, and it will be awesome.

Each one a unique work of art!

First of all, let’s hear about the decorations, because every party requires decorations. Your Episode V locales include Hoth, Dagobah, Cloud City, and interiors of the Executor and Millennium Falcon, so action figures and toys from those settings will be the most appropriate. Also, check this out . . . awesome Star Wars snowflakes via Matters of Gray. Remember spending hours folding paper and cutting them into patterns that would vaguely resemble snow crystals? Now they can vaguely resemble iconic Star Wars characters and objects as well! Yes!

Enough with decor. Let’s get on to the food. Food is why we party is it not? I found this great inspiration: if you’re going to have a wintery party, you need to have hot refreshments, and what’s hotter than chocolate? I found this adorable inspiration for a hot chocolate bar on Pinterest (via), and figured with minimal effort, it could be Star Warsdized into a Hoth Chocolate bar. You have all your fixins’ for good cocoa, but I also have a recipe for real hot chocolate (not cocoa: that is, a block of chocolate melted with milk), and we could have a good old crock pot of that. Mostly it’s the fixin’s I’m in to — marshies, cinnamon, peppermint. Need cutesy Star Wars names for them, like “gimer sticks” and “Ugnaught brains,” etc. Also, maybe frozen hot chocolate.

“Hoth” Chocolate Bar

The real piece d’ resistance is, as usual, the cake. Oho! And what a cake I’ve got for you. The most iconic moment in Empire Strikes Back is, you guessed it! The part where Luke hacks off the wampa’s arm. (What do you mean, you thought it was ‘Luke, I am your father’? Who is Luke’s father? WHAT? OH MY GOSH . . . !!) Anyway, I perused the internet until I found a cake worthy of my wintery party, and it’s a gruesomely great severed wampa arm cake (via):

If Luke cutting off the wampa’s arm is foreshadowing Vader cutting off his hand, is the wampa somehow related to Luke?

Now, everyone goes on about how gross this cake looks, but I assure you, I intend to improve it by not using coconut. I know, I know, coconut is disgusting, and besides that, a full third of my guests are allergic. That isn’t why you thought it was gross? What? But . . . but it’s orange. Why is that gross?! The original blogger said one person ate the cake with eyes closed because it was too gross to look at, and I gotta tell you, I’m flummoxed. I may have closed my eyes every time Han cuts the tauntaun open until I was about 25 years old, but even I’m not squeamish enough to have my gag reflex tripped by . . . orange blood. *eyebrow* I don’t even know what guava jelly is. (Incidentally the wampa obviously didn’t bleed, but whatevs.) I intend to make it a red velvet with raspberry jelly, because when you’re making severed arms, it’s only reasonable that you use red velvet. Everyone knows this. And then I’m going to make white cotton candy to use for the fur. I think that’s a great cake.


Like twins separated at birth!

Also up for grabs on the dessert table, Boba Fett ice cream sandwiches, chocolate Han in Carbonite, pretzel lightsabers, and Cloud City cake pops. Because Cloud City looks like a cake pop, see? It’s abstract, okay! Because of the nature of the party is to be mainly hot chocolatey, I’m not worried about there being any sort of a main course, just desserts.

Naturally for entertainment — you have to ask? — there will be the watching of Empire Strikes Back and possibly lightsaber dueling it up with pool noodles decked with duck tape. You never know. Sabacc? Who here knows how to play Sabacc? We could use the deeds/money from Star Wars Monopoly for stakes. I know I wanna con somebody out of a Tibanna gas mine. Maybe weeding out all the Episode V questions from the Trivial Pursuit game is a thing.

Star Wars Party 4: Thirdenniel Extravagenza

That’s Right!

Episode III comes out in three-dee this September, but my party’s not slated until 2015, which is ten years since its release. That gives me plenty of time to really make this a party of epic proportions. It’s in very preliminary stages, but here’s a quick overview of some things taking shape.

Courtesy At Second Street

I found a really inspiring post on At Second Street, which pointed me to some inspiring murals on Painted Daisies; the idea is to cover the windows, etc. to make it feel like you’re inside a spaceship. Black plastic tablecloths, paint, stickers to complete the effect. “” sells glowing paint for $10 a bottle, which looks like regular paint until you turn out the lights, and then it glows; the paint can then be used for stars and to recreate the crawl and opening titles. (They also sell glowing drink-ware and mini glowing lightsabers, so this is a site to hang on to for any kind of Star Wars party supply. Glow gives it that extra kick.) Another fun decor idea, courtesy of At Second Street, is to stick toothpicks in those little holes in action figures’ feet and use them for decorations. I also have my entire collection of Episode III merch, including posters and action figures like my enormous boga figure.

On to food! Drumroll, please, as I officially unveil the topic for the cake your friends will all be talking about for decades to come, the Episode III birthday cake:

"Why don't you try something more difficult next time?"

“Why don’t you try something more difficult next time?”

Obi-Wan’s starfighter being attacked by buzz droids! No, I don’t have the mechanics of how to make all of the buzz droids, but I’m going to use the cake balls for the domes. Anyway, there’s the cake. I have a recipe for a delicious-sounding lava juice, because naturally there’s got to be lava somewhere at an E3 party. I also want to give some more thought to main courses — “Han-burgers” are extremely over-done, I think, but I want to do something clever.

Entertainment obviously focuses around watching Episode III. There’s always Mad Libs and Obsessed With Star Wars to play, too. Plenty of time to work that out.
Party Planner via Hundredaire Socialite.