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Since I am trying to revitalize some life into SWL, allow me to copy this post from my main blog, Hundredaire Socialite, and tell you all about the greatest purchase I have ever made, which came in last month. (I have trimmed the post for relevance; there is a link to the original at the end.)

I’ve been waiting for days now, breathless with anticipation, for the mail lady to get to the door and deliver, finally, my package! And now it’s here! It finally came! I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting . . . and ta da!!


The long awaited-for package!


Reveals official ThinkGeek AAA’s! WOO HOO!

Okay, yes, that joke was funnier in my head when I did it in realtime for Mom earlier as well, but I wanted to keep it anyway. And I will keep it and there’s nothing you can do about it! Anyway, official ThinkGeek batteries are cool, despite your petty skepticism that I could possibly have this level of excitement over a couple of AAAs. Well, you’re probably right about that. All right, I won’t tease, although the batteries were part of my order: here is the actual package that I’ve been waiting for.


It’s short for a stormtrooper, but still nearly as tall as I am.

Between being depressed about my life not being where I wanted it to be by now, and just generally hurting over Zoë not being around, and after all the disappointments and pains and nothing going right this whole stupid year, I wanted to do something awesome. I wanted a pick-me-up. Yes, the last two years have been rotten, particularly this one, but at least! And maybe ThinkGeek’s free shipping and a $10/off coupon and their super epic clearance sale were not a good combination, but I have no regrets. Now that my oversized package is here, open, assembled, played with, photographed, photoshopped, etc., I definitely know I don’t have the slightest fragment of regret and will say with confidence: best. hundred dollars. ever.

I tore into the five foot long package eagerly while Mom stood by with a bemused expression.


So — much — shiny

It is even more glorious than I ever thought it would be. Now, naturally, I’d have preferred Luke’s ROTJ saber, but this one does technically double as Anakin’s (even though they sell two models — they sell this as Luke’s ANH saber, Anakin’s E3 saber, and also Darth Vader’s saber, which are all practically identical). It came assembled, but by the time I took this picture, I’d already dismantled it.


Basement Cat: The True Lord of the Sith

Haiku came in to investigate what was going on and she was nowhere near impressed, although she did briefly get excited over the styrofoam. Other than that, it hasn’t earned her seal of approval. She sat watching me with annoyance for just about the duration of my sorting out battery insertion, blade attachment and removal, removing stickers, polishing the surface . . . She left by the time I really got camera happy.


Not the most photogenic room ever, but I believe you get the point.

But yes. I finally, finally have my very own lightsaber. After years of covering broomsticks with construction paper and duck tape, my aluminum-foil covered paper towel tubes with scrap metal and plastic gems inside, my corny plastic collapsible children’s toys, I finally have a saber. It’s not a prop replica because the electronics means it has to be slightly larger — and it is an awkward size to hold — but it is generally as accurate to the film as possible. Plus it came with its own stand and belt hook, and the stand has a compartment where the cap (for when the blade is detached) or the belt hook can go when not in use. The saber makes all sorts of sounds — igniting, deactivating, idling, swinging, striking, plus, if you try to switch it on while the blade is removed, it makes a sputtering short circuit noise. And when the blade is removed or put back into place, it makes quiet connection noises. Yes, I spent about 20 minutes waving it around. It is far more than I had even thought it would be, and, for your information, I am completely comfortable walking around wearing it for the rest of my entire life.

via Batteries are the Best. To see the complete gallery of lightsaber images, click here.

Threadcakes Time Of Year

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You know what that means, folks! Well, maybe you don’t. Okay, see, Threadless is this t-shirt company on the internet, and the Force is strong with them–and by that, I mean they have a lot of sweet Star Wars shirt designs. The other thing they have going for them? Cake. That’s right. Every year, Threadless challenges people to make delicious cakes based on their delicious, user-submitted designs. For today’s Fun Friday, I thought I’d showcase my two favorites:

The Emperor PenguinThis design by Matt Leyen quirkily casts the Emperor as a Penguin. Ha, ha! Oh, the clevers.

The Emperor Penguin CakeOn the other hand, this delicious cake based on Matt Leyen’s design casts the Emperor as a delicious gum paste penguin. (Go ahead and click the pic to find out how Jennifer Racine did it!) “And now, young Skywalker–you–will–be delicious. Oh, no, wait, I will be delicious–no, wait–“

My other favorite is not just because it’s red velvet (my more-than-confessed weakness), but also because it’s a shirt I’ve looked at and thought about getting many a time, because let’s face it, every time you buy those red plastic cups, you’re thinking of Han, aren’t you.

Hans Off My Cookie!

It’s called Hans Off My Cookie, by Phil!

Hans Off My Cake!And this is called just plain delicious by Sugi and Ai! Not every submission has to be a 3D rendered version of the shirt, after all. Sometimes simple is best. The artwork on this is stunning.

Anyway, make sure you check out to check out more of these gorgeous and tasty creations. These aren’t the only two Star Wars ones in the mix, either, and they’re all worth seeing.

Thinking Geek!

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Geeks love toys, and no self-respecting Star Warrior can long avoid the tender loving embrace of the biggest repository of geek chic on the Internet, ThinkGeek. A casual search of the geek wonderland offers 134 Star Wars related necessities, from toys to edibles. My own wishlist is extensively populated with stuff off this site, and I eagerly collect my Geek Points for some awesome free stuff.

So this month, I was starting on a little Christmas shopping/some birthday present shopping for October birthdays, and I was tempted into buying product #1 here in order to get $10 off my order.

Vader keychain

The AWESOME side of the Force!

The tote, by the way, is courtesy of and was a gift from my dad for my birthday in July. The keychain, however, is one of these addictive little Star Wars Sound Drop Keychains imported from Japan. There are six different keychains; you either buy all six of them, or they send one to you at random. The random one I got was Darth Vader, who just so happens to match my SWL bag perfectly! I thought that was exciting and I’m definitely pleased. Pressing the button produces a nice sound clip of Vader breathing. I’m addicted to getting these things now and really would like to collect them all, but I especially want the saber duel.

Star Wars Sound Drop Keychains

Then I had to buy another birthday present and, to get another $10 off deal, I threw in a couple items, haha. Here’s my calender for next year, super exciting! Plus the bar-none coolest coasters you’ll ever see.

Calender and coaster

I’d like to take him on a date . . .

July is my birthday, which is why it’s on that month, but let me tell you, the pictures on this calender are excellent! They’re all montage-y and stuff. Obi-Wan, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker–all your favorites and lookin’ hot! The coasters are cardboard-on-cork, but I decided to leave them in the convenient packaging so I could put them on display:

My little display board

You’ve got two pairs of good guys with their arch-nemesis–Boba Fett and Han, Luke and Darth Vader. They’re really cool, and I’m very pleased. All I’m lacking are the glasses to go with–sadly, they’re out of stock.

Anyway, those are the details of my buying spree on Think Geek. You should take a look, though, at their Star Wars goodies, and make your own wishlist up! Great products. Also, if I could effervesce about ThinkGeek, they have awesome customer service, great deals, and such cool stuff. Give them your business, and you won’t regret it!

I love my teddy bear!

And I know this is not available from ThinkGeek, but I thought I would show off my final bit of Star Warsia. Anyway, I didn’t have this website in December, when I got Trilogy there. Trilogy is my special edition Build-A-Bear, which my brother-in-law gave me for Christmas. And also that is my 2011 calendar which my mom got me from the Borders down the road just before it closed. That’s been a great calender. I have a great affection for them. You would not believe how cuddly and silky soft Trilogy is!

Okay, so that’s the fun stuff for this Friday. Compose a wishlist and send it to me ;) And have a fun weekend!

Star Wars As Inspiration

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We all know that Star Wars has incredible visuals, and we know lots of things that inspired those visions in Lucas. We also know he has incredibly talented artists like Ralph McQuarrie and teams of people who bring those visions to life. What does not get touched on is the artwork that other people have made inspired by what they’ve seen in Star Wars. That’s why there’s this entire book on the subject called Visions, which you could buy me for a a mere $26 on Amazon because it’s my birthday tomorrow. No, seriously, it is!

Anyway, this book came out last year, making this officially old news, and it’s been on my wishlist about as long, but as I was trolling the internet the other day, I found a website willing to give some previews of the stuff in the book, and some of it just thoroughly blew me away. It’s not like viewing fan artwork in this galaxy — it’s kind of like wandering into a museum on Coruscant and seeing the kind of stuff they might paint themselves.

Portrait of Darth Vader — Steven J. Levin

I love this one because of how real it seems. By invoking traditional Earth portraiture, particularly in the style of kings, lords, and other aristocracy, the painting seems completely natural and normal. Of course Vader posed for his portrait and it was easily seen all over the Empire. Also, holding the helmet and revealing his unscarred face while standing on Mustafar really shows the dichotomy in his character.

A Good Find: Portrait of a Tusken Raider — Tony Curanaj

We don’t really think of or hear about Tuskens as scavengers; usually that role goes straight  to the Jawas. And yet it makes sense. They make use of a lot of metallic objects they don’t seem to have the ability to forge themselves. So this one is really fascinating. Plus I love the setting. I’ve always been terrifically fond of Raiders, and this one looks like he’s going to knock somebody around who tries to take his droid. Plus you’re like, oh, my gosh, one of the IG-88s! How did you get out here? ;) I think this one’s my favorite actually. Oh, wait, no, make it second favorite.

Skirmish on Endymion — Michael Haynes

Last one! This one is just plain gorgeous. Red rocks, blue sky, Twi’lek battle? I’m in! Now, I’m going to be honest and say that none of these artists seem to be able to handle the lekku naturally because they all look 1) too thick at the top 2) too lumpy, but I’ll forgive them. This one is so vivid and gorgeous, I’d like the original canvas to grace the foyer of my eventual very elegant home. I also kind of like how this invokes an old-west kind of sensation, which I suppose is logical because Haynes did Lewis and Clark paintings . I wonder if I’ve seen any. Hmm.

Anyway! Speaking of old west, there’s Threepio dancing with Indians you won’t want to miss.  Check out the artists’ own descriptions of these paintings, plus several more, at Exotic Visions of Star Wars Inspire Portrait Artists | Underwire | And then go buy me the book on Amazon. Yep!

Hoth Fashions

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“And I got stuck with the kid who wore the jacket the entire week! [shouting] It’s a million degrees out! Why don’t you go live on Hoth, you freak?!” (Psych, season 3, episode 15, “Tuesday the 17th”).

When I was 12, I was super excited for the few weeks I actually had a parka with a faux-fur lining on the hood because I thought I looked just like Han Solo. Then the coat went int he dryer, the fur all melted, and, well, anyway . . . My point is that now we can all look exactly like Han Solo for the super low-low price of “more money than I could ever possibly put down on a coat” thanks to Star Wars and Adidas! Via Hypebeast and Geeks @ The Daily What, here is the Fall/Winter Star Wars 2011 collection from Adidas.

Star Wars adidas winter wear

Doing a little rebel laundry . . .

Now, that’s what I’m talking about! I’m assuming they don’t sell the low-slung hip holster for the blaster, but the kicks and jackets are theirs. Did I say jackets? Yeah, apart from the snazzy green flight jacket, there is a white rebel soldier jacket (a la Hoth) and a clever Darth Vader leather jacket . . . with kicks. Everything with kicks. Because we all have hundreds of bucks to drop on sneakers, amiright? But, hey, doesn’t stop ’em from looking cool.



So that’s the story. Sweet Adidas fall and winter fashions for you and yours. Check ’em out!

Interestingly enough, some of the commenters on these sites are complaining about the lack of accuracy in these clothes. What’s your take on it? I feel like they aren’t supposed to be film replicas of the clothing actually worn by the characters, and that research isn’t really necessary because the jackets and shoes are more like nods or tributes to the concept than something for cosplay.

Awesome Jewelry

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I Know I Love You Wedding Bands

This spotlight Sunday, I would like to present to you some incredibly awesome Star Wars jewelry. Annie Nygard is an independent seller who makes incredible “stamped, leather, and beaded jewelry.” These darling Han and Leia wedding bands are only the beginning of her great jewelry.

Fully customizable and with the subtle kind of references that are the mark of a great geek, she has incredible variety guaranteed to help you find just what you’re looking for. Not getting married? Try the I Love You / I Know bands in adjustable silver and aluminum with your choice of font. It also comes as a pair of bracelets. Or you could try the clever “Real Men Shoot First” aluminum cuff bracelet, or the “Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder” in copper. I personally really like the “I happen to like nice men” / “I’m nice men” paired bracelets. For others who aren’t interested in the romantic side of things, there’s a “Do Or Do Not” bracelet, a “May the Force Be With You” large aluminum cuff, and a “I Have a Ridiculously High MidiChlorian Count” aluminum necklace on a cotton cord. There’s also a light side and dark side pair of rings, and a sweet “Jedi” slide bracelet.

All this and more geeky pop culture references can be found at her store (here). Everything’s really reasonably priced and looks like it’s great quality. But allow me to show you my absolute favorite piece on her site :)

Why aren't you at your post?

Oh . . . yeah. May the Force be with you ;)

Quality Jackets

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Replica Jacket

Like a Boss

Well, this is making the rounds today to, I think, mixed reviews. Amazon claims it’s an officially licensed jacket made of authentic materials according to the original found in the Lucasfilm Archives. It comes with the “Medal of Yavin” and a — now this is important — full color certificate of authenticity. It even comes in three different sizes for your bodily convenience. As far as I can see, the only problem with this snazzy, zipper-free jacket is that it costs $148.50 with the Amazon discount.

In case you recently had head trauma and haven’t watched A New Hope since the accident — first of all, let me say how very sorry I am, and reiterate just how much I never saw you standing there — I have here a nice picture that can show you where in the films this sunny piece of clothing is showcased.

Yavin IV Celebration

Luke in his yellow jacket

Funny story about this scene. The first time I ever saw ANH, at the tender age of 12, I thought Luke and Leia were inexplicably getting married, but I didn’t say anything and I was glad when I realized I would have been embarrassingly wrong. Interestingly enough, though, when a couple of months later I watched it with my ten-year-old niece — her first time seeing it — she said what I had opted not to: “What, are they getting married or something?” So apparently in at least two preteen girls, this scene says “wedding.” I’ve never heard of the best man and the groom walking up the aisle together to the bride, but, eh . . . Anyway, I’ve never told that story to anyone before!

Now, the commentary on the Amazon page seems to be, as I mentioned up there, of highly mixed quality . . . and at least one customer image featuring Forever Alone, as though to indicate how the purchaser/wearer of this jacket can anticipate spending his or her days. My primary criticism is that the medal is not, in fact, called the Medal of Yavin — Mr.! shame on you — but rather the Medal of Bravery. That being said, check out this detail:

Detail of the jacket

Check out the detail!

Confession: I really love this jacket of Luke’s. I think it’s snazzy. I did a little silent squee when I saw someone had made a version of it conceivably available for purchase. I, personally, would really love to own this. However, my preoccupation with Luke is probably just about disturbing, and could potentially make Mark Hamill a little uncomfortable if he knew about it. I do have a bit of a preoccupation with dressing up as Luke, as you may have noticed from the welcome page . . . So, yeah, I’m really excited about this product, which is “athletic cut and features no zipper.” So it’s got that going for it, right?

Worth noting, however, is the following customer review from, titled be careful who you give it to:

I bought this jacket for a co-worker in hopes that giving him a gift would inspire him to reveal his true feelings for me. He did look very nice in it, but maybe that’s what caused the problem. He looked TOO nice. And kind of boring. Shortly after I gave it to him, I realized that he felt more like a little brother to me and that I actually have a thing for another guy at work who’s kind of a scruffy smart aleck (a bit of a loser, really) and SO not my usual type at all who hangs around with some totally disreputable characters (some of them look like real hairballs ) and may not be strictly honest. But he has this sexy bad boy thing goin’ on, IYKWIM and I’m finding it hard to resist. Heh, I haven’t resisted AT ALL!
It’s a really nice jacket, even though it kills all your romantic feelings for the nice, responsible and even kind of attractive guy you give it to, so be careful with it.