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Return of the Collection

Posted in Challenges with tags , , , on 24 April 2014 by Megan

I did a bit of a quickie once on showing you my collection (here). When I was packing all my things up last summer, I counted ten boxes containing nothing but Star Wars stuff; I did have a picture of said ten boxes (basically two stacks as tall as I am), but I have no idea what happened to it.

The short version is that I have a lot of Star Wars stuff, and it’s all quietly getting water damage in my storage unit because it’s been a long, wet, vicious winter and my homelessness stretches on into a near eternity. The version I’m going to do for this post, though, is to tell you all about the Star Wars stuff that is special enough to me I keep it out of storage, and/or the Star Wars stuff that was purchased since packing everything away.

As a sort of pre-postscript, allow me to say that the two most important things in my collection are the movies themselves and my lightsaber. I have about 30 copies of the 6 films, which you can see pictured at the top left at the link above, and the lightsaber of course you can learn about in its full glory here. (Or see me wearing it on Halloween last year here.)

Now, on to me showing off the Best of My Star Wars Collection!

This is the stuff that I pretty much always have on hand. If you see me at any point during the day, odds are these things are within reach.

Notebooks are important

Notebooks are important

Two Star Wars keychains — Lego Boba Fett and Empire — my Star Wars diary (I have a couple like that) and my Maul mini notebook, cause you never know when you might need to take notes. (I have a trooper one but it’s full and in storage.)

Lil Obi-Wan & Co.

Lil Obi-Wan & Co.

Lil Obi-Wan has accompanied me to Ireland, the UK, and France, as well as all over the US east coast and midwest. He is always in my purse and he has his own tumblr. Boba Fett is my flash drive, worth every penny, and he says clips from the movie when I plug him into my laptop! Also, he provided the background for my phone, which is named Fettlet.

Shakespeare got to have lunch, son

Shakespeare got to have lunch, son

And finally, my lunchbox, the best meal of the day. Actually my sturdy ESB anniversary lunchbox carries all three of my day’s meals (banana, granola bar, sandwich, applesauce, and usually some type of microwave pasta or ramen, cookies, and instant coffee), and brings my Doctor Who Fifth Doctor coffee tumbler home at night. On Fridays, it also carries extra free doughnuts from work home for me, too.

By home, I mean, in general, the corner bedroom at my sister’s where I tend to stay from about 10:30 PM to 8:30 AM between works. I’ve cozied it up fairly well though and here’s the Star Wars stuff that is always on display where I can see it during the two hours I’m there and not sleeping.

2014, only $2 at Odd Lots!

2014, only $2 at Odd Lots!

My 2014 Star Wars calender that cost me next to nothing . . .

My shelf of goodness

My shelf of goodness

Here you see my totally amazing 6″ fully articulated Luke action figure, my two charming kiddie books, my Han Shot First window sticker, Lil Luke, “The Ladies of Star Wars” playing cards, and of course my beloved Obsessed With Star Wars, one of the first things I ever reviewed on this site . . .

Looking good, Luke.

Looking good, Luke.

I’m just so proud of that picture. I think it came out incredibly well. Look at the articulation! It’s brilliant and amazing.

Some new additions

Some new additions

I don’t have a kitchen or anything so it hasn’t seemed pointful to even get these out of their packaging, but when ThinkGeek had a buy one, get one 50% off sale on drinkware, I had to — I’ve been wanting those 10oz collector classes for 4 years! The others were just a bonus. And the plastic cup was less than a dollar at Target.

Something old. Even retro!

Something old. Even retro!

I just found these at HPB so recently you can see they still have the stickers. This is pure nostalgia, because back when I started on Star Wars, I always had to read the book and listen to the book on tape. It started as necessity, because our library tended to buy things so haphazardly — like, they would buy book 2 and book 3 as hardbacks, but only have book 2 as a book on tape. Sometimes I could get an entire trilogy on book or book on tape, but I never read Jedi Search until the entire trilogy was given to me! That’s how bad that library was. Anyway, these are read by Dennis Lawson and Anthony Daniels, so the win can barely be contained.

Good ones and new ones

Good ones and new ones

The films actually live on the shelf with the glasses. The stationary set — R2D2 pencil box, Darth Vader notebook and pencil case, Boba Fett notebook, Yoda scratchpad, Vader pen, trooper pencil topper, Vader erasers, and quote pencils — I got at Wal Mart for half of what ThinkGeek wanted. The tote bag you may remember as a present from Dad, and the soundrop keychain is awesome though I regret seriously not collecting more of them. Also, my Star Wars grocery tote.

Fuzzy company

Fuzzy company

Here we have Trilogy the Bear, whom you doubtless remember from the last time I touched on one of these. And accompanying Trilogy, it’s Sergeant Lieutenant General Captain Iasson TrEy ’cause I can’t ever decide/remember his rank. He’s a Stormtrooper ragdoll, which is a brilliant investment if you want one.

Ready for his closeup

Ready for his closeup

Like, there is something impossibly charming about a Stormtrooper doll, and the detail is impressively impressive. A good Stormtrooper never leaves his post, and this guy is so friendly and squishy.

Detail shot

Detail shot

Also, here’s a better view of what makes Trilogy so Star Wars. That and that galaxy blue fur is the softest stuff ever. His ear tag fell off, which makes me sad, but there was nothing to be done for it.

Finally — on any given day, you might see me wearing one of these . . .

SW Socks FTW

SW Socks FTW

Yes, that is how I wear them. Because life’s too short to not wear mismatched socks.

Teeeeee shirts

Teeeeee shirts

T-shirts are my favorite thing ever, and these are some good ones. I only have a couple other SW shirts, and these are the two I have on hand.

I guess in conclusion, I can say that yes, I still have my Star Wars purse, though because it’s hard to carry it and the lunchbox, it doesn’t come out on weekdays. The last Star Wars collection item that is permanently on hand, then, are my cats’ “costumes” —

Because she rowls and sheds.

Because she rowls and sheds.

Unfortunately, Lilly has turned this beautiful Chewbacca collar that is no longer available (the tags say “Chewie is my copilot”) into a white mash of torn fabric.

Because she communicates pretty well without a protocol droid.

Because she communicates pretty well without a protocol droid.

Haiku still wears her Artoo collar and it looks very, very fine. The jingle bell is a definite plus because she’s so quick and dark, she’s always getting stepped on otherwise.

Okay! So that’s it! Same time next week . . . with some big news on the way!

Waking up like a Wookiee this Christmas!

Posted in Spotlight with tags , , , , on 8 December 2013 by Megan

A guest blog from Adam about the Star Wars side of the holiday season!

Whether you want the Light Saber with a glass tube or your own personal Millennium Falcon, letting out a Wookie War Call is only half the fun of a Star Wars Christmas.  Here are three ways to go to sleep the night before and wake up Jedi ready to open your gifts and have a fun themed photo with your friends or family.   All of these images came from and the products can be found at

A Wookiee Wake Up.

If you want to tear through your gifts, there’s no better way than dressed as a Wookiee.  If you combine the faux-fur Chewbacca Star Wars bathrobe with a pair of faux-fur bear slippers, you will be ready to rip into your gifts and war call your way into Kashyyk Christmas.  You’ll love posing while ripping apart a gift in your cool new Chewbacca bath robe.

A Dark Side Christmas Morning

If you’re not such a fan of the Wookiee wake up, or sunlight in the morning, try celebrating with a Darth Vader dark side morning.  By combining the Darth Vader hooded bathrobe with these fun lounge pants for men or women and a black tshirt, the dark side can be the right side this holiday season.  What better way to scare the person who bought you that gift you really didn’t like than dressed as the original bad guy himself.

Let the War Begin.

If your house is like mine, then there is a definite war going on when it’s time to open gifts.  To create a fun photo for the holidays and also have a cool way to open gifts, you can try the hooded Jedi Robe and if you have another person, get them the Hooded R2D2 robe for a fun in flight photo.  If there are still more people, you can throw in the Storm Trooper Hooded Robes, Yoda with Ears, and also a Darth Vader if someone wants to steal a gift for the photo.  Not only do these robes make the perfect gift, but they will create a holiday photo everyone on Facebook will love and something you will all remember.  You could have R2D2 in front steering everyone with the Storm Troopers to his side.  The Jedis behind or in front kneeling down and Vader holding a gift and a Lightsaber defending his stolen gift.

If you have a Star Wars fan in your house, he or she probably has every collector’s item and fan gear available.  If you want to get him or her something they’ll love, actually use and that can make an awesome holiday photo, the Star Wars robes are the perfect solution.  They’re unique, fun and functional which is why they make the perfect present for the holidays, a thinking of you gift, or even for a birthday.


Threadcakes Time Of Year

Posted in Fun with tags , , on 3 August 2012 by Megan

You know what that means, folks! Well, maybe you don’t. Okay, see, Threadless is this t-shirt company on the internet, and the Force is strong with them–and by that, I mean they have a lot of sweet Star Wars shirt designs. The other thing they have going for them? Cake. That’s right. Every year, Threadless challenges people to make delicious cakes based on their delicious, user-submitted designs. For today’s Fun Friday, I thought I’d showcase my two favorites:

The Emperor PenguinThis design by Matt Leyen quirkily casts the Emperor as a Penguin. Ha, ha! Oh, the clevers.

The Emperor Penguin CakeOn the other hand, this delicious cake based on Matt Leyen’s design casts the Emperor as a delicious gum paste penguin. (Go ahead and click the pic to find out how Jennifer Racine did it!) “And now, young Skywalker–you–will–be delicious. Oh, no, wait, I will be delicious–no, wait–“

My other favorite is not just because it’s red velvet (my more-than-confessed weakness), but also because it’s a shirt I’ve looked at and thought about getting many a time, because let’s face it, every time you buy those red plastic cups, you’re thinking of Han, aren’t you.

Hans Off My Cookie!

It’s called Hans Off My Cookie, by Phil!

Hans Off My Cake!And this is called just plain delicious by Sugi and Ai! Not every submission has to be a 3D rendered version of the shirt, after all. Sometimes simple is best. The artwork on this is stunning.

Anyway, make sure you check out to check out more of these gorgeous and tasty creations. These aren’t the only two Star Wars ones in the mix, either, and they’re all worth seeing.

Quick-n-dirty DIY Lightsaber

Posted in Fun with tags , , , , on 18 November 2011 by Megan

What’s more fun than building your own lightsaber? That’s right. There isn’t anything more fun! cjanson, clever and brilliant individual that he is, has put some instructions online for a $33 lightsaber you can make in 33 minutes if you’re reasonably dexterous.

Anyway, check it out guys, ’cause it’s fun, and it’s never too early to start planning next year’s costume, amiright? This is one of the better / least involved lightsaber DIY projects I’ve encountered, so it’s totally worth it.

For $33? I'll take it!

For $33? I’ll take it!

  • 33-minute lightsaber (here)
  • Sweet cheap Boba Fett helmet (here)
  • A gorgeous Jawa ion blaster (here)
  • And a Sand Person costume you’ll enjoy (here)

I didn’t have time to do a lot of digging, but as you can see, there’s some sweet and/or exciting stuff out there, so check it out! And remember you can send me pics of your cosplay ;-)

Hoth Fashions

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“And I got stuck with the kid who wore the jacket the entire week! [shouting] It’s a million degrees out! Why don’t you go live on Hoth, you freak?!” (Psych, season 3, episode 15, “Tuesday the 17th”).

When I was 12, I was super excited for the few weeks I actually had a parka with a faux-fur lining on the hood because I thought I looked just like Han Solo. Then the coat went int he dryer, the fur all melted, and, well, anyway . . . My point is that now we can all look exactly like Han Solo for the super low-low price of “more money than I could ever possibly put down on a coat” thanks to Star Wars and Adidas! Via Hypebeast and Geeks @ The Daily What, here is the Fall/Winter Star Wars 2011 collection from Adidas.

Star Wars adidas winter wear

Doing a little rebel laundry . . .

Now, that’s what I’m talking about! I’m assuming they don’t sell the low-slung hip holster for the blaster, but the kicks and jackets are theirs. Did I say jackets? Yeah, apart from the snazzy green flight jacket, there is a white rebel soldier jacket (a la Hoth) and a clever Darth Vader leather jacket . . . with kicks. Everything with kicks. Because we all have hundreds of bucks to drop on sneakers, amiright? But, hey, doesn’t stop ’em from looking cool.



So that’s the story. Sweet Adidas fall and winter fashions for you and yours. Check ’em out!

Interestingly enough, some of the commenters on these sites are complaining about the lack of accuracy in these clothes. What’s your take on it? I feel like they aren’t supposed to be film replicas of the clothing actually worn by the characters, and that research isn’t really necessary because the jackets and shoes are more like nods or tributes to the concept than something for cosplay.

Quality Jackets

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Replica Jacket

Like a Boss

Well, this is making the rounds today to, I think, mixed reviews. Amazon claims it’s an officially licensed jacket made of authentic materials according to the original found in the Lucasfilm Archives. It comes with the “Medal of Yavin” and a — now this is important — full color certificate of authenticity. It even comes in three different sizes for your bodily convenience. As far as I can see, the only problem with this snazzy, zipper-free jacket is that it costs $148.50 with the Amazon discount.

In case you recently had head trauma and haven’t watched A New Hope since the accident — first of all, let me say how very sorry I am, and reiterate just how much I never saw you standing there — I have here a nice picture that can show you where in the films this sunny piece of clothing is showcased.

Yavin IV Celebration

Luke in his yellow jacket

Funny story about this scene. The first time I ever saw ANH, at the tender age of 12, I thought Luke and Leia were inexplicably getting married, but I didn’t say anything and I was glad when I realized I would have been embarrassingly wrong. Interestingly enough, though, when a couple of months later I watched it with my ten-year-old niece — her first time seeing it — she said what I had opted not to: “What, are they getting married or something?” So apparently in at least two preteen girls, this scene says “wedding.” I’ve never heard of the best man and the groom walking up the aisle together to the bride, but, eh . . . Anyway, I’ve never told that story to anyone before!

Now, the commentary on the Amazon page seems to be, as I mentioned up there, of highly mixed quality . . . and at least one customer image featuring Forever Alone, as though to indicate how the purchaser/wearer of this jacket can anticipate spending his or her days. My primary criticism is that the medal is not, in fact, called the Medal of Yavin — Mr.! shame on you — but rather the Medal of Bravery. That being said, check out this detail:

Detail of the jacket

Check out the detail!

Confession: I really love this jacket of Luke’s. I think it’s snazzy. I did a little silent squee when I saw someone had made a version of it conceivably available for purchase. I, personally, would really love to own this. However, my preoccupation with Luke is probably just about disturbing, and could potentially make Mark Hamill a little uncomfortable if he knew about it. I do have a bit of a preoccupation with dressing up as Luke, as you may have noticed from the welcome page . . . So, yeah, I’m really excited about this product, which is “athletic cut and features no zipper.” So it’s got that going for it, right?

Worth noting, however, is the following customer review from, titled be careful who you give it to:

I bought this jacket for a co-worker in hopes that giving him a gift would inspire him to reveal his true feelings for me. He did look very nice in it, but maybe that’s what caused the problem. He looked TOO nice. And kind of boring. Shortly after I gave it to him, I realized that he felt more like a little brother to me and that I actually have a thing for another guy at work who’s kind of a scruffy smart aleck (a bit of a loser, really) and SO not my usual type at all who hangs around with some totally disreputable characters (some of them look like real hairballs ) and may not be strictly honest. But he has this sexy bad boy thing goin’ on, IYKWIM and I’m finding it hard to resist. Heh, I haven’t resisted AT ALL!
It’s a really nice jacket, even though it kills all your romantic feelings for the nice, responsible and even kind of attractive guy you give it to, so be careful with it.