Realcanon Resources

As the countdown to the avalanche of poor Disney reboots ticks down, the internet becomes more and more frustrating for realcanon fans. I’ve compiled this list of internet resources where you can still get your Star Wars fix without being inundated with Disney junk.

This is a work in flux. I will be monitoring these resources, adding them as I find them and removing them if they compromise to Disney.

This is also a work in progress. If you have, or know of a site that does not endorse the reboot and supports realcanon, and it’s not  here, please drop me a line and I’ll check it out!


Facebook Groups

Facebook Pages


  • @skolastika_detya




  • TOR guild The Expanded Universe Alliance (Republic-side) on the Ebon Hawk server.
  • TOR guild Expanded Universe Legion (Empire-side) on the Ebon Hawk server.

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