Thanksgeorging Day Stock Letter

Feel free to copy this note into your favorite word processor, adjust the details so it fits you, and then print it out to send by May 23rd so it arrives by May 26th (2016 Thanksgeorging date). The address to send it to is “George Lucas, Skywalker Ranch, 5858 Lucas Valley Rd., Nicasio, CA 94946.” I have not been able to verify this address personally but sources online seem to suggest it is the most reliable. George Lucas does run a charity, if you would like to send a letter/donation there as a gift in his honor — that address is “George Lucas Education Foundation
C/O George Lucas P.O. Box 3494 San Rafael, CA 94912

  • Tip: add and change whatever you like to make it “you,” but don’t let it go over 1 page in length, because that can be obnoxious and may not even be read
  • Tip: avoid mentioning anything controversial, saying “give us legends,” or bringing up the Disney issue at all. He doesn’t have control over it, and this isn’t about pleading the cause; it’s about thanking a retired man for what his work has given us

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George Lucas
Skywalker Ranch
5858 Lucas Valley Rd.
Nicasio, CA 94946

Dear Mr. Lucas,

Thank you so much for creating the Star Wars universe. I know this is something you’ve heard many, many times, but I wanted to tell you myself how much it means to me. Your films and the books and games based on them have been an encouragement to me when I needed it and given me hours of pleasure I can never thank you enough for.

I’m grateful that you created this universe and invited us fans to join you in it, and I am sorry that you are no longer a part of it. Your Star Wars will always be the true Star Wars in my heart.

Again, thank you so much for your your imagination and vision. I hope you understand what a great gift you have given me and fans like me.

Best Regards,

Your Name


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  1. […] Second, it’s the second ever Thanksgeorging Day, and it falls on the 25th this year. The overwhelming appropriateness of this cannot be overstated. It’s the day that Star Wars turns 40. Four decades of the Wars! Unbelievable. I’ll be doing my major holy month post on that day, including the text of the thank you note I’ll be sending Mr. Lucas. I encourage you all to send your own thank you notes — his birthday is also this month, on the 14th, so try to mail cards in time to reach him either for his own birthday or for his greatest creations. You can find a mailing address and some stock letters for inspiration here. […]


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