Form Letters

The letter writing campaign for the Expanded Universe was one of the first offshoots of the Alliance and one of the earliest activities to get started for our EU. Online petitions are well and good, but physical letters tend to carry more weight. That’s because it takes time, effort, and even a little money to send letters to a company. It’s also because letter-writing doesn’t come easily to some people.

I’ve provided here a few form letters for you to use for whatever EU related letter-writing event there might be. They are for you to borrow, edit, copy, and use however you wish, and I’ve included appropriate sending addresses for you, too.


If you’re interested in campaigning for the EU through letters, you should follow the Events Page for the Expanded Universe, which is partly crewed by the same folks who brought us The Billboard. They’ll let you know what days have been set aside for coordinated letter writing, so that the offices of Disney and Lucasfilm can fill up with the correspondence of EU warriors on roughly the same days!


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