Orange_ribbonWhat is Realcanon Solidarity? It’s us standing together, claiming Star Wars for ourselves and declaring it for ourselves.

Why Realcanon Solidarity? Well, what I hated the most about everything after Disney bought Star Wars was how alienated I felt. Feeling brutally shoved out of my own fanbase by relative newcomers, I almost gave up on Star Wars completely. Everywhere I looked, people were falling all over themselves with joy at the advent of something I saw was a horror.


I had been the norm, and suddenly I was the outsider, and the most sympathetic response I could get was being told to shut up and accept it — or, the slightly milder version, “shut up and wait and see.” That response has only gotten worse in the last three years.

And yet it’s a response that has baffled me since November 2012; it baffled me through April 2014 when Order 66 destroyed “EUderaan.” Wait and see what?! They’ve destroyed the planet! What am I waiting to see? How they’re going to melt it down and sell it back to me as cheap figurines? Every single person who ever enjoyed a Star Wars book, who ever played a Star Wars game, who ever spoke up to defend the prequels, who ever loved a character from a galaxy far, far away should be disappointed. No, we should be outraged. Disney is rebooting Star Wars, and we should not tolerate this!

Because I hated being alienated and pushed away from the thing I love so much, I decided to fight back. When Palpatine assumed control and said “hey, we aren’t gonna have democracy anymore,” just about everybody in the Senate cheered — but do you think the ones who weren’t cheering just let everything they loved be taken away? No, you know they didn’t, because that’s how the rebellion was born. And as more and more people lost what they loved, the rebellion grew.

Flightsuit up!

You know what I found when I started to rebel? That I wasn’t alone. There were more of us. In fact, I think we stand as the majority, and I think our numbers will only continue to swell as Disney continues to butcher and destroy the thing we love so much.

Consider this your engraved invitation to join the rebellion. Have you spent thousands of dollars and hours on a Star Wars canon you’re not willing to give up on? Do you want to keep your mint condition Thrawn Trilogy Hardbacks and Mara Jade/Pellaeon fanfiction? Would you rather not see the year Aaron Allston died as the year his books get thrown out the window because Darth Disney would rather reboot than research? Are you just that desperate not to see a soulless Disney reboot of the soulful saga we love so much?

Then come on. Join the rebeLibrarian revoLution. Take back the canon — Realcanon. Take back your fandom.

How do you join? Well, it’s simple. You just do what you want. You agree with the sentiments expressed here and share them with your friends. Get with me on Facebook — pages here and here — follow me on Twitter, or use this list [under construction] to find other sites full of realcanon patriots just like you! If you’re about getting Disney to continue the “Legends” brand or just want to find a forum to talk canon, check out The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe, where I admin.

Want to display your Star Wars Realcanon pride? I have one more thing for you!




4 Responses to “Solidarity”

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  2. Shelley Childs Says:

    Here, here.

    L. Neil Smith, the author of the Lando Calrissian trilogy of adventure novels, had this to say in a recent interview:

    In 2014, Disney declared the Expanded Universe was no longer canon. It became ‘Legends’. What do you think of this, seeing all of your work suddenly become non-canon?

    “Vuffi and I didn’t know that and we don’t give a rat’s ass. Considerations like that are decided by literary history, not by faceless, unscrupulous, dull-witted corporate managers. I was the world’s greatest fan of Walter Elias Disney himself, growing up and have nothing but uttermost contempt for his profoundly unworthy successors.”


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