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I’m With the Banned

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No, not that band. Try again. B-a-n-n-e-d.


Yeah, these guys — I’m with these guys.

It’s Banned Books Week, which if you’ve ever read my other blog, you know I despise. As I said in this post, “The idea of banned books week was to promote awareness against censorship, chiefly of the sort where the government tells you what you can and can’t look at (such as the most censored book ever, the Bible). The reality of banned books week is that librarians and schoolteachers pee themselves to wave copies of Harry Potter under your nose while chanting, ‘I’M WITH THE BANNED!'”

The reality of life in the United States is that we don’t ban books. Books are “challenged,” which occurs when any individual or group asks for a book to be removed from a library or school system, but “challenging” a book does literally nothing to hamper people from accessing it anywhere outside of that library or school system.

Which is why it’s so very shocking that a company has, in a sense, banned an entire series from consumption. I’m obviously talking about Star Wars, and the fact that Disney has in a very real way “banned” the entire saga.


The first Star Wars book was published before the movie, as it turns out: in 1976, Star Wars, from the Adventures of Luke Skywalker, ghost-written by Alan Dean Foster, was published under George Lucas’ name. And after the explosive success of Star Wars, more spin-offs under the series From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker began to appear: Brian Daley’s Han Solo trilogy, Alan Dean Foster’s Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, and L. Neil Smith’s Lando trilogy. By the time Timothy Zahn was commissioned to create the cornerstone of the modern Expanded Universe, West End Games had published loads of material on the Star Wars galaxy, and Zahn was advised to remain consistent with that information. Thus canon was born.

And because the films and its spinoffs — games, books, graphic novels, films, and animations — actually all grew together, interweaving with one another and growing into each other like the woshyr trees of Kashyyk, all these pieces taken together form what is Star Wars. And by removing the roots and branches, Disney has effectively killed the saga.


That’s why I’m saying Disney has “banned” the EU. On April 25, 2014, when Disney said “nothing is canon except for the six films,” what they really said was “we aren’t doing Star Wars anymore. The saga is gone; we’re rebooting it; and we don’t care what you think or what you want.”

We’re not allowed to speak. We’re not allowed to say #GiveUsLegends. We’re not allowed to call nucanon the soulless trash-for-cash that it is. Disney doesn’t care what Star Wars fans want, and their campaign is to keep us silent and censured. They reprinted realcanon as “Legends,” but that banner is as good as a gag. It says “not real.” It says “outdated.” Where Disney could have built onto the existing saga and made a fortune beyond their most avariced dreams, they chose instead to reboot. And when we objected, we were mocked, abused, and silenced.


Now you see what Disney lost: the goodwill of the fanbase and an enduring source of steady money. Would you like to see what we’ve lost?

  • Attack of the Clones Expanded Visual Dictionary — published only in Denmark
  • The Star Wars Saga returning to theaters (in 3D) — 2015 should have been A New Hope
  • Novels such as Sword of the Jedi, Imperial Commando 2, Blood Oath, and more stories in The Old Republic series
  • The realcanon version of Heir to the Jedi, the final installment of the Empire & Rebellion Trilogy, reduced to duology while Hearne’s book stagnates as nucanon standalone
  • Probable expanded visual dictionaries timed to coincide with film rereleases
  • Probable annotated annotated editions of E.U. books in the style of Heir to the Empire‘s special 20th anniversary edition

And that’s only naming a few — and the few that have names! Who really knows what we lost?

But what do I expect you to do about it? Well, the whole point of this post is this — don’t be silent. Don’t be censored. Tell Disney, tell Del Rey, tell Lucasfilm what you want: we want our universe back.

You can tell them by Tweeting them, or writing them on Facebook, or you can join the Disney/Lucasfilm Letter Writing Campaign and get information on how to contact them at their corporate addresses. You can also check out my Solidarity page to find out how to get wristbands and keychains to advertise the cause of realcanon. Do whatever you want — just don’t be quiet!

After all, we’re with the banned and bands just aren’t quiet!


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Pardon the dust around here. I’m finally working on unveiling a new look, new focus, and new content. However, WordPress doesn’t let me draft changes of that magnitude, and my time is not infinite — so things are popping up slowly and that’s why it looks unorganized right now.

Many Bothan spies died to bring you this information. Use it wisely.

Announcing the Winner!

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And the votes are in! They have been counted and weighed and the winner has been found.

Thanks for joining me on this learning experience as I tried out the brackety thing and ran a contest for who fans would choose for their favorite! Out of a very tricky to choose 64 characters, we made it down to two. These two. These TrEU two whose legend cannot be made legendary, even by a mouse army.

(PS, anyone knows who originally did that image, I love it and want to credit them.) And now, to find out who the winner was — by eight votes —

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This. Is. Madness!

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Things are afoot. I promise. One of these days when I’m not crazy tired, I’m planning another refreshing revamp of the canon section, including 1) a modest defense of canon, 2) stronger definitions of what is not Star Wars canon, what is Star Wars canon, and what is personal apocrypha; also, an update to my most popular post ever, my simple list of sentients. (It’s come to my attention there’s some major gaps up in there.) Yes, I’m still simmering plans for an Orangecoat store, working on getting out wristbands for the masses, and other attention-grabby stunts. It’s all in my head and will soon be on the site. Really.

But right now, to kind of get things cooking again, allow me to toss out the following: I’ve been working on the idea of unified hashtags, something we can all remember and use whenever we want to call attention to the real Expanded Universe. #GiveUsMoreLegends is fine, but what if the cause isn’t continuation? What if the cause is just keeping it alive, in people’s hearts and minds? I’ve picked up #EUForever, #LegendsNeverDie, and also coined #realcanon. But I had an idea the other day for another one, #TREU, for true EU. Then a fan reminded me that treu is German for faithful and the appropriateness skyrocketed.

So in order to celebrate TrEU, I offer you . . . MARCH MADNESS. I don’t know the first thing about whatever sport is associated with March madness, but I do have a vague understanding of how a bracket works, but I have put one together and I believe I get the idea.

I’ve chosen 64 characters from the Expanded Universe — 16 heroes, 16 heroines, 16 villains, and 16 villainesses. I did not, on any level, try to be comprehensive. Some characters are more major than others. I tried to make sure I hit all the big names, and to be as fair as possible about including people I’m not familiar with who seem to be popular nevertheless. There are plenty of minor players as well, because apart from making sure the male : female and hero : villain ratios were equal, I wanted to make sure I had a decent representation of all sorts of people from the Era Before the Republic to the New Republic Era. (No, NJO and Legacy aren’t on here. It’s my website and I don’t have to acknowledge what I don’t want to acknowledge. Which is why no TCW, either. “15, Jabba, don’t push it.”)

The arrangement is slightly randomized. I organized them chronologically and then sorted them so that they would roughly be facing off with their own contemporaries without matching them against people they matched in their actual stories.

Your task is to pick the 32 characters worthy of making it to round 2! You can decide either who would win in a fight, who would beat the other in combat, or simply who you like better. Click the image to see it full-size. Print and fill it out for your own use, if you like. But far more importantly — in order for Round 2 to even happen, you must tell me who wins!


Depending on response, Round II will either publish on March 8 or a week from today. To find out more about your fighting characters, keep reading — I’ve provided the list for your convenience with Wookieepedia links.

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2014 in review

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Hey, just because I was going to say some interesting stuff about interesting stats! The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,300 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

I got 92 countries in a year. One of these days, I’ll start keeping track and try to get all of them, or all of them with Internet, anyway . . .

My main point with blogging stats is this — while the Disney Death Star may have done something terrible, we’re not the Graveyard of Alderaan. They didn’t obliterate Star Wars. We’re more like Toprawa, cut off and quarantined and made to beg in humiliating ways — but the thing we love still exists. It’s out there. Keep fighting for it, guys.

What Disney gave me this year, apart from a migraine at the horror of Episode Abrams, was a lot of hits on my blog. On August 14, my “Rebel Realcanon” page exploded with hits. In fact, the top searches that bring people to this site all link back to Disney: “star wars canon,” “death star 3,” “lightsaber cross section,” “best star wars canon characters,” “star wars canon book list.” Since the teaser trailer came out, I’ve had tons of hits for “racism in star wars” and the like.

Both of my Facebook pages have been growing fast, with 1051 on Realcanon and 569 on RebeLibrarian. And I’ve even got a bunch of names on a waiting list to order and sell realcanon wristbands.

Do you has? Do you want?

Do you has? Do you want?

Yeah, Disney has done something really evil and horrible, but on the bright side, my stats are booming!

Coming soon in 2015 —

  • More Realcanon reviews (including graphic novels!)
  • “Safe Star Wars” resources (places you can go and not get bombarded with Episode Abrams)
  • Rebellion news (where to fight the good fight)
  • A Realcanon store (show your solidarity in public!)
  • More!

Facts in Fiction: Conspiracy Theories for Star Wars

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Did you miss it? I had a guest blog on Star Wars Anonymous today, so be sure and check it out!

Star Wars Anonymous

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? I do. With my site ( focused on canon, I don’t often get to indulge myself with theorizing, so this chance to write about some delicious conspiracies is super exciting. Here are three conspiracy theories drawn from and proven by events from the films only. Please enjoy!

  • Jocasta Nu erased Kamino from the Archive for Count Dooku.

jedi_archives06This discarded subplot drives me insane — it’s the most interesting thing in Episode II, but it’s never mentioned again. Obi-Wan asks who could have deleted Kamino from the archives: he considers it so impossible, it didn’t even occur to him that it could have been done on purpose. Yoda calls the puzzle “dangerous and disturbing,” but never does anything about it. But the answer is obvious.

In a deleted scene, Jocasta Nu finds Obi-Wan ruminating on a bust of Count Dooku. After…

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The Librarian Is Now the Rebel

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Yes, I’ll get to the challenge later today, but first, the big change I’ve been hinting at on the Facebook page.

You should notice, in general, a very new look about the place, and that is because the Site Formerly Known As Star Wars Librarian has a new name, a new mission, and a new set of ideals.

Orange is a good color for rebellion.

Orange is a good color for rebellion.

Actually, only the name is new. The mission and ideals are the same ones I’ve had since 2004 when I started my first Star Wars site, “Ask Kyane (dot star wars dot homestead dot com)” — to know everything about True Star Wars and to share this knowledge to anyone interested. I’ve been forced to revamp the site because, while I didn’t change, the Star Wars community did.

All through the last couple weeks of April, I watched meltdowns occur because of the announcement that, not only would Reboot 7 not incorporate any of the books previously published, an entirely new book series is in the works to accommodate a brand new canon.

This was apparently shocking to everyone on the internet except for me. As I recall, the first thing I said when Disney signed for Star Wars was “well, there goes all the books I loved.” Peter Mayhew signing on confirmed that there would be no film version of NJO (almost more abhorrent to me than a clean slate), but somehow people were still astonished to discover Mara Jade would not be cast in the reboot. This kind of short-sightedness is how Disney is managing any kind of damage control, because if all Star Wars fans were as clear-sighted as I am, there would have been a bloody riot on day one.

Boot and Reboot were in a boat...

Boot and Reboot were in a boat…

(Yet I’m told in comments on my blog that I have to reserve any right to comment until after I’ve seen the reboot. Really? Star Trek (2009) was basically Abram’s demo reel for Star Wars and I’ve seen dozens of Disney films; I think I’m safely justified in despising this crap without ever wasting a second of my life watching even so much as a trailer.)

Listen, Star Wars Friends. I’m here for you. We’ve been betrayed. And that’s why I’ve reformed my site. I’m officially in rebellion against any Star Wars produced after October 30, 2012 (D.A.D., or Disney Acquisition Day), and you can, too. We’re not obligated to accept whatever they brand with the golden Star Wars logo. So, don’t.

If you’re frustrated with losing the canon; if you’re frustrated with the cash-grab which is all this reboot trilogy is; if you just want to love Star Wars the way you always loved Star Wars, I invite you to become a Rebel with me.

See my About page for an updated mandate. Categories and tags are also different. I’m going to be doing a whole lot more general talk about Star Wars and deemphasize question-answering, but you’re always welcome to Ask Me Anything. Share the site. Share the love.

Right is might. May the Force be with us.