by the RebeLibrarian

  • Twi’leks
    What do Twi’lek auditory organs look like? In the last decade, a question has popped up suggesting that male and female Twi’leks have completely different ears! I present my case for ossicones being a fact of Twi’lek anatomy.
  • Wesa No Carin’?
    About a week after my horrific encounter with a Lucasfilm employee (read part 1 here), a member of the Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe approached me on Facebook messenger, reporting that Ms. Gutierrez had taken to Reddit telling people to calm down and stopContinue reading “Wesa No Carin’?”
  • A Communications Disruption Can Mean Only One Thing!
    It seems like more and more, Disney|Lucasfilm and Star Wars fans are unable to talk. If fans disagree with corporate policy on any level, or hold any opinion deemed negative by the Star Wars overlords, there is a total communication blackout between these two groups.Continue reading “A Communications Disruption Can Mean Only One Thing!”
  • Do You Remember Your Mother?
    Exploring the tragedy of arguably the most famous mother in all of Star Wars: maybe it’s kind of a downer for Mother’s Day, but hey! A topic is a topic.
  • The One About Jar Jar
    Adults get too cynical about the PT. But I guarantee you Jar Jar changed some little kid’s life when they realized that no matter what people yelled at them, they could save the world.
  • It’s A Date!
    A question I’ve been meaning to answer for years–why do I keep referring to Anakin as 22 years old in Attack of the Clones? Because I built my own dating system!
  • The Star Wars Heretic
    It’s not for nothing I’m a “rebel” librarian. What do you do when you believe things no one else believes? Well, you write a blog post about it. Read it and weep, if you want, because I guarantee at least one of these will shock you.
  • Review: Dynasty of Evil
    Right, say something nice about it, Librarian. Something nice. I can do this. I can think of something nice to say. Um . . . I like the cover.
  • 20 Year Anniversary
    20 years ago this week, I knew, knew that being a Star Wars fan was inseparable from being a fan of the EU. The EU is Star Wars. Star Wars is the EU. To pretend otherwise would be like cutting one of the six movies from existence–like pretending to make movies without George Lucas–both incomplete and also a little obscene.
  • Really Is the Best
    In a day and age that makes it easy to take cheap shots at George Lucas, even while glorying in his imaginative creation, Ahmed Best tells it like it is in a refreshing change of pace. Quotes to note: “George Lucas really does things thatContinue reading “Really Is the Best”

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