Really Is the Best

In a day and age that makes it easy to take cheap shots at George Lucas, even while glorying in his imaginative creation, Ahmed Best tells it like it is in a refreshing change of pace.

Quotes to note:

“George Lucas really does things that he believes. He has an incredible conviction behind every decision that he makes. That’s not the way Disney does movies. Disney does movies in a way that has to please stockholders, and that has to please a wide swath of people, a huge general audience”;


“I appreciate filmmakers who have that type of vision, I appreciate filmmakers who really go out on a limb and take a risk. With these new movies, these filmmakers are different. They’re not George Lucas.”

via Ahmed Best ‘wouldn’t change anything’ about The Phantom Menace


  1. I love Ahmed Best’s outlook on Jar Jar and the Prequels. It’s so refreshing. He could be bitter and angry, but instead he defends Lucas and Jar Jar.

    I really don’t have much of an issue with Jar Jar at all. When I got older, I could see why people didn’t like him when the movie came out – but since I was younger, I thought he was interesting and at times, funny.

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    1. Even with the age thing, I always point out to people that the age spread of my family who saw Episode I when it came out was a 7-year-old nephew up to my 51-year-old parents. No one hated Jar Jar. No one was annoyed by him. My older sister (almost 20) memorably said he was easier to understand than Yoda. He’s never been my favorite character, but for Episode I? I have no complaints! I still giggle like mad over two of his scenes in particular.


      1. I’ll never forget introducing my friend to star wars for the first time a few years ago and she LIKED Jar Jar. Sadly, she was embarrassed to admit it, which means that Jar Jar hate has even permeated into people’s consciousness who don’t even know much about Star Wars.


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