Why I’ve Lost The May the 4th Spirit: A Commentary

In case you’re wondering why you’ll never heard me utter the words “May the 4th.” It’ll never happen. Don’t hold your breath waiting. I reject this day. I’ll see you in a few weeks for TRUE Star Wars Day(s).

The first time I’d ever heard of “May the Fourth” was 12 years ago. Several co-workers who knew I was a Star Wars fan ambushed my desk and said, “Do you know what day it is?”

“Uh, no?”

“May the 4th be with you!” they chorused. Sure I had fun co-workers but I still wonder how the heck I was the last to know about the significance of May 4. In any case, I gamely continued along with this made-up internet holiday for the next several years. It was an excuse to wear Star Wars t-shirts or jewelry or whatever I had and take advantage of some promotional deals.  It has become a huge marketing tool and it seems like even people who mostly don’t care about Star Wars or know much about it feel some sort of compulsion to participate.

Now my answer to “May the 4th” is, “Bah…

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  1. But I don’t understand why you hate it! I think it’s a bunch of fun. Are the “true” Star Wars days the days the movies were released? I’m still hoping my baby is born on one of those days. It would be prophetic.

    I kind of love that this weird May the 4th day has gone mainstream. I get more texts today then I do on my birthday! It’s weird that people think it’s so special but I don’t mind. I play into it. Why not?

    I guess I just don’t understand why you would hate it. Care to clarify?

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    1. I hate it because it appropriates a name it doesn’t deserve.

      If it was just called “The Force Day” or “Jedi Day” or something, I wouldn’t hate it as much. But it calls itself “Star Wars Day,” and it’s an utterly insignificant date that has nothing to do with Star Wars. I think it’s a stupid pun, a very lame joke, but I could ignore it if it didn’t appropriate the name “Star Wars Day.” It is NOT Star Wars Day.

      Plus, like any greeting card holiday, it’s just an excuse for people who don’t really know what’s being celebrated to make a fuss over something they don’t care about 364 days of the year. I detest all greeting card holidays — Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Secretaries’ Day — all of them.

      So it lies (it’s not Star Wars Day; that’s the 25th, that’s the anniversary) and it’s a shallow greeting card holiday. That’s why I hate it :p I hated it the first time I ever heard of it a decade ago and just hate it more every year . . . O:)


      1. Okay, that’s legit. I’ll take that. I also agree that the 25th should be the real Star Wars day. And I, too, hate Valentine’s Day…though I do get presents on Administrative Professionals Day from my clients so I can’t really hate it. But I do forget about it every year until I get emails and/or presents on my doorstep.

        I guess I just like May the 4th because I get attention and texts from people I don’t normally hear from. It’s funny to me that people are into this day that’s completely not real and does not need to be recognized in any way, shape or form. It’s just a movie. Albeit one I’m obsessed with, but still, you don’t see James Bond days.

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        1. It really bugs me, but then again, I’ve always kind of prided myself on hating anything popular :)

          Which is weird coming from someone totally obsessed with Star Wars, but then again, I am obsessed with it in the least popular way possible! Hahaha


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