Attention ‘Warriors!

The following is a message for everyone invested in the fate of the Expanded Universe and realcanon in general.

Calling All Jedi! Calling All Jedi!

Dr. William Proctor is a lecturer and researcher at Bournemouth University (UK) and he needs your help! William is Director of ‘The Force Re-Awakens: The World Star Wars Project,’ a global study of the Star Wars franchise which includes talking to the people who matter most: The Fans! The first phase includes a questionnaire to allow each one of you to have your say about the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Please send completed questionnaires to This is your chance to have your say! You do not need to be a fan of the Expanded Universe to take part. Just share your thoughts.

May the force be with you,
Dr. William Proctor
Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Lecturer in Media, Culture and Communication

This is an important opportunity to get your voice out there, to demonstrate our passion, and describe to the world what realcanon means to us and why we won’t just let it go.

You can find the Questionnaire on my Facebook page here. Copy and paste it into a word processor or email, and then send it to

As always, I’ll be posting my own responses to the questionnaire on the site… as soon as I finish them.

Did I tell you guys I have a real job now? I’m among the actually employed! So I’m not moving as quickly as I normally would in the ol’ mindless entertainment department. But, soon.


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