Announcing the Winner!

And the votes are in! They have been counted and weighed and the winner has been found.

Thanks for joining me on this learning experience as I tried out the brackety thing and ran a contest for who fans would choose for their favorite! Out of a very tricky to choose 64 characters, we made it down to two. These two. These TrEU two whose legend cannot be made legendary, even by a mouse army.

(PS, anyone knows who originally did that image, I love it and want to credit them.) And now, to find out who the winner was — by eight votes —



Thanks for playing. I’ll see you back here in a few months when we do another challenge. Until then, keep the True EU, and we will never lose it!


2 Responses to “Announcing the Winner!”

  1. I love that this makes total sense. Surprised Thrawn won though…I would have expected Mara Jade.


  2. I would also have thought MJ would win – I mean, I love Thrawn, but Mara rules.


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