My Man Veers

You know I have to share it when I talk Star Wars on my other blog.



For day 21, I’m supposed to talk about my favorite male character screwed over by canon. Now, I assume that this original challenge in its original form was a lot drippier than I’ve made it, and by that I mean, it had a lot more to do with *shudder* ~fangirling~ and other nonsense, so I’m guessing terms like “canon,” “ship,” “rec,” and others have technical meanings I’m not aware of. So when I did this challenge for the female version, I went with Shakespeare, just because nothing else came to mind.

But now two years later, as I deepen my Star Wars obsession and grow increasingly passionate about and dedicated to realcanon, I can get, I think, a little bit closer to the original intention and tell you that I think Maximilian Veers gets screwed by canon.

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