TrEU Round V!

This has been a very fun journey, to be sure! And my stats are booming. I’m already planning to do more brackets in upcoming months, because I don’t see why they should be restricted to March! That being said . . . let’s take a look at the board!

It was dang close this time through. I actually had to resort to a tie breaker. And with all homage to our EU pioneer Timothy Zahn . . .

herovillains5That’s right! It’s boiled down to a face off of his three most popular characters . . . and that guy from our favorite computer game!



I’m still hoping folks will keep it more interesting than Zahn vs. Zahn, but can the great Kyle hold his own against the Emperor’s Hand, either in pitched combat, hand-to-hand melee, or the Star Warriors’ heart? I guess we’ll find out. I guess I’m not supposed to be influencing votes!

So go ahead and make your vote, tell your friends, and come back on March 24 to see who has survived to the final two, and your chance to vote for which favorite hero will stomp (or be stomped by!) which favorite villain!


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