Madness Round III

Whew! I’ve learned many things in completing round two. First of all, I’ve learned a lot about how to construct the bracket when I do this again next year, ha ha. I apologize both for the clumsy voting mechanism (if it’s any consolation, it was as awkward to tabulate as it was to vote) and also for the clumsy organization that put Corran and Wedge against each other in Round II. By the time I realized how the second round might fall out, it was really too late to edit. (This thing was a pain to edit. Are there like official bracket building programs out there?!) Seriously, though, I have already learned a ton about how to set these up, so thanks for the constructive and less than constructive criticism.

Second of all, there were quite a few interesting surprises. There was a sweep on both sides: Mara Jade joined Pellaeon as the only two characters every person voted for. Thrackan Sal-Solo and Teneniel Djo were the unfortunates who could not garner even one vote. Also, out of the 32 men and 32 women I started off with, the women have been surprisingly resilient — it’s still at halves with 8 ladies against 8 men. And what men and ladies! Whew. There are some fights on here I’d pay to see, though I was very sad to have lost Exar. Still, Aurra Sing gutting that wench Erisi was nice to see. Okay, right — who is ready to vote in TrEU Round III!

Click the bracket to view full size and download if you want.


It is really heating up now — 4 heroes against 4 heroines fighting it out for the dubious privilege of duking it with the top villain. Pick 8 characters you think would win in a fight or in combat, or choose your favorites. Tell me who wins!

(Once more for the broken record: no NJO/Legacy eras or TCW. It’s my website and I’ll shun if I want to, shun if I want to, shun if I want to.)

And for the third — you have four days to put in your votes — March 16, I will announce the winners of Round III! To find out more about your fighting characters, follow the links — for your convenience, they go to the Wookieepedia articles.



1 Comment

  1. God, this one’s tough..

    Kyle Katarn
    Tycho Celchu
    Mara Jade
    Wedge Antilles

    Darth Bane
    Aurra Sing


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