Questions About Reading, 18

Yesterday I had some fun on my other blog and I thought I’d share it over here! I don’t have Star Wars content too often over there, so I might as well share when I do.


Executive decision time! I’m now posting two questions per week. And this week’s couldn’t have been better timed! While I don’t even observe May 4, I can’t pass up this sort of timing! Plus I don’t want to wait.

  • What is your favorite book series?

My head is buzzing Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars right now. Though I’ve never really thought of it as a series, I guess it is! And, you’ve got it: it’s my favorite book series. Buckle in and I’ll tell you why it’s so timely.

A pile o' Star Wars books A pile o’ Star Wars books

And, yes, I made this post 1138 words on purpose.

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