What I hated the most about everything just after the Darth Disney purchase of Star Wars was how alienated I felt. I almost gave up on Star Wars completely. I felt brutally shoved out of my fandom, and the most sympathy I could get anywhere was being told to shut up and accept it — or, a slightly milder version, “shut up and wait and see.”

I know it’s obvious from this blog that I’ve always hated NJO, but in a strange twist of fate, the NJO fans are the ones joining me in this realm of betrayed exile. The euphoria they had at the idea of seeing Mara Jade on screen has gone out with a whimper. They’re not the only ones disappointed, of course — every single person who ever enjoyed a Star Wars book from 1991 to 2011 should be disappointed.

I hated being alienated and pushed away from the thing I love so much. So I’ve decided to fight back. When Palpatine assumed control and said “hey, we aren’t gonna have democracy anymore,” just about everybody in the Senate cheered — but do you think the ones who weren’t cheering just let everything they loved be taken away? No, you know they didn’t, because that’s how the rebellion was born. And as more and more people lost what they loved, the rebellion grew.

Flightsuit up!
Flightsuit up!

So consider this your engraved invitation to join the rebellion. Are you invested in the Star Wars canon that you’ve spent the last 20 years on? Do you want to keep your mint condition Thrawn Trilogy Hardbacks and Mara Jade/Pellaeon fanfiction? Would you rather not see the year Aaron Allston died as the year his books get thrown out the window because Darth Disney would rather reboot than research? Are you just that desperate not to see a 73-year-old Han Solo still spouting the same 2-dimensional catchphrases?

Geriatric Wars
Geriatric heroes, assemble!

Then come on. Join the rebeLibrarian revoLution. Take back the canon — realcanon. Take back your fandom.

How do you join? Well, it’s simple. You just do what you want. You agree with the sentiments expressed here and share them with your friends. You can also take this orange x-wing ribbon and use how you like (copyright-free images from Wikimedia commons altered by me) to show your support of realcanon. (And that canon can be whatever you want it to be, pre-2009, as long as you respect your fellow rebels’ personal canons. See here.)

I’ll also have more details about wrist bands for realcanon, and keep you updated about that. So keep an eye out! Just because we’re not falling into Disney Death Star’s Empire of Profit does not mean we don’t have anything to look forward to. Exciting stuff is afoot, and the more of us are involved, the more exciting it will be!


ADDENDUM: The official rebel support arm bands are in and they are good! These orange silicone wristbands feature an X-wing logo with “realcanon” on one side and “rebeLibrarian” on the other, so you can support your favorite acerbic Star Wars librarian and the #realcanon cause with one bracelet!

Depending on fan response and other et ceteras, I’m planning to get together an Orangecoat store, but in the meantime, if you are interested in showing your realcanon support with a wristband, use the contact form to ping me a message and I’ll give you some information about how you can get one!

Sweet, sweet solidarity
Sweet, sweet solidarity


  1. Hi Megan
    How do I go about getting one of those orange real canon bands? I would love to have one.
    I LOVE your blog, your fb pages and twitter accounts – thank you for helping me feel like I am not alone in the fandom wilderness. Just like you I felt (and am still feeling) terribly alienated and to find some other like minded folk really helps. I have a feeling our numbers will grow with the release of ep7 and every Disney movie thereafter, but right now it can feel like I am being made into a second class citizen of the fandom. So thank you for all your work on this and all the other sites and please, please keep up the good fight!
    May the force be with you (how can I not end a message to a fellow fan with that?!),

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Kim! Great to hear from you! I’m sorry my site has been so dead lately :( I want to have so many more resources for the “Star Wars exiles” we’ve become — but I’ve spent the summer moving and life is chaos! Not for much longer, I hope. I’ll put your name on the waiting list for support bands — I needed at least 30 and I believe I have those, so as soon as I can I’m going to put in an order. I’ll do a whole post with details. Just keep following the FB/Twitter and you’ll know 1) when my site stops being dormant, haha; 2) when I’ll start taking orders for the bands. MTFBWY2! :)


      1. We have a saying over here in the Scottish Borders – nae bother! Real Life gets in the way sometimes, but thanks for getting back to me and I will definitely be keeping an eye on things. I look forward to the support bands when Real Life allows you to do them! MTFBWY.
        (I’d rather be a SW exile than be one of these shaaks hyperventilating every time DisneyWars mentions ‘puppets’! :) )

        Liked by 1 person

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