The Librarian Is Now the Rebel

Yes, I’ll get to the challenge later today, but first, the big change I’ve been hinting at on the Facebook page.

You should notice, in general, a very new look about the place, and that is because the Site Formerly Known As Star Wars Librarian has a new name, a new mission, and a new set of ideals.

Orange is a good color for rebellion.
Orange is a good color for rebellion.

Actually, only the name is new. The mission and ideals are the same ones I’ve had since 2004 when I started my first Star Wars site, “Ask Kyane (dot star wars dot homestead dot com)” — to know everything about True Star Wars and to share this knowledge to anyone interested. I’ve been forced to revamp the site because, while I didn’t change, the Star Wars community did.

All through the last couple weeks of April, I watched meltdowns occur because of the announcement that, not only would Reboot 7 not incorporate any of the books previously published, an entirely new book series is in the works to accommodate a brand new canon.

This was apparently shocking to everyone on the internet except for me. As I recall, the first thing I said when Disney signed for Star Wars was “well, there goes all the books I loved.” Peter Mayhew signing on confirmed that there would be no film version of NJO (almost more abhorrent to me than a clean slate), but somehow people were still astonished to discover Mara Jade would not be cast in the reboot. This kind of short-sightedness is how Disney is managing any kind of damage control, because if all Star Wars fans were as clear-sighted as I am, there would have been a bloody riot on day one.

Boot and Reboot were in a boat...
Boot and Reboot were in a boat…

(Yet I’m told in comments on my blog that I have to reserve any right to comment until after I’ve seen the reboot. Really? Star Trek (2009) was basically Abram’s demo reel for Star Wars and I’ve seen dozens of Disney films; I think I’m safely justified in despising this crap without ever wasting a second of my life watching even so much as a trailer.)

Listen, Star Wars Friends. I’m here for you. We’ve been betrayed. And that’s why I’ve reformed my site. I’m officially in rebellion against any Star Wars produced after October 30, 2012 (D.A.D., or Disney Acquisition Day), and you can, too. We’re not obligated to accept whatever they brand with the golden Star Wars logo. So, don’t.

If you’re frustrated with losing the canon; if you’re frustrated with the cash-grab which is all this reboot trilogy is; if you just want to love Star Wars the way you always loved Star Wars, I invite you to become a Rebel with me.

See my About page for an updated mandate. Categories and tags are also different. I’m going to be doing a whole lot more general talk about Star Wars and deemphasize question-answering, but you’re always welcome to Ask Me Anything. Share the site. Share the love.

Right is might. May the Force be with us.

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