Canon Approval?

How would one go about getting a book approved as official Star Wars canon (at least as far as Wookiepedia is concerned)? — Benjamin

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this question. Not only have I been extremely busy with my insane work schedule, I didn’t exactly know how to treat it or what to do with it. I don’t quite think I know what you’re asking, but I’m going to answer it anyway because it’s very appropriately timed with some new changes that will be rolling out around here in another week or so.

I’m not associated with Wookieepedia, so I don’t know what their process is. Most of what I’ve seen on their site is that they accept pretty much everything at face value, which is something that has in fact always troubled me. For example, they accept The Glove of Vader as canon, in spite of its numerous contradictions of more recent and better works, and also in spite of its downright ludicrous moments. (See my full review here.) They also accept The Clone Wars (no surprise there) and The Force Unleashed video games as canon even though these things also contradict film content. I’m not aware of anything they have expressly identified as not canon, with the possible exception of some “alternate universe” types of writing.

Wookieepedia also doesn’t determine official canon. “Official” canon, up to this point, has always referred to anything 1) that is a film made by George Lucas, or 2) anything published with permission by LucasFilm. Wookieepedia’s mission seems to be to collect all Star Wars information from every source, so I think I could safely say they don’t make rulings on canon vs. extra-canon themselves.

This week, however, there have been some huge rumblings in the Star Wars community because Del Ray has announced they are starting over. The advent of the Disney era, and the imminent approach of a new trilogy, means that the timeline of books we have adhered to over the last 20 years is being completely abolished. A lot of people — myself included — are not happy about this. This development also means that whatever book you may have had in mind when you submitted this question last month has probably been rendered moot.

As a brief answer to your question, I have to say that I don’t know. I don’t think that individuals are really consulted in the construction of official Star Wars canon. I myself form what I consider to be an accurate Star Wars canon (“realcanon”) based on my reading, experience, and research, though I’ve been told many times by the internet that I have no right to do this for some reason. Disney has rolled out their official list, but I don’t consider them an authority on the subject because my assumption is that profit dictates their choices.

My advice to you, Benjamin, is not to be concerned about official Star Wars canon. The people at Disney Death Star don’t respect you, so why respect their decisions made on your behalf? Instead, I recommend that you create your own personal canon — “fanon” — consisting of what you personally like most in the Star Wars universe.

What does this ribbon mean? Find out in 8 days!
What does this ribbon mean? Find out in 8 days!

Also, if you don’t like this decision made by Darth Disney, stick around this site and maybe give it a like on Facebook, because I’m rolling out a new mission for “The Star Wars Librarian” in response to this move made in defiance of longtime Star Warriors.

Thanks for the question; I’m sorry I couldn’t answer it better. As always, May the Force be with you!

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