Favorite Photo

When I first found this challenge, I was very nearly put off by a blogger who had posted, as near as I could tell, about 3,000 pictures to answer this question. I don’t think I’m even exaggerating; I was holding the scroll button down for nearly ten minutes before I gave up and ctrl+ended to get to the bottom. It took me 5 hours to pin 490 pictures on Pinterest, so I can’t even comprehend the time this guy spent on a collection no one will ever look at because, frankly, too much is too much.

All that just to explain why I am absolutely going to discipline myself here and pick one photo. I’ll have a chance in upcoming weeks to talk about favorite scenes, battles, moments, and quotations, so why cheapen this moment by belaboring it with what it isn’t? So, simply, my favorite Star Wars photo:

Harrison Ford on the set for Return of the Jed
Harrison Ford on the set for Return of the Jedi

I know, it kind of surprised me, too. Not  that my favorite photo comes from ROTJ, of course. But here we’ve got a young Harrison Ford sitting in the desert sun of Tunisia between takes. And, he fine. Mrow.

As just some fun trivia, I’ve actually seen a couple of production stills from A New Hope; they’re in a film collection at the Lilly Library where I worked and feature Leia being marched by Stormtroopers and the lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan and Vader. So that’s cool, having held them in my white-gloved hands, but I still wouldn’t want to look at them for a long time or anything.

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