Favorite Member of the Rebellion

I’ve been thinking about this for a week now, and I conclude that there is no redundancy between my answer for “Character You’d Be Most Makey-Outey With” and this question being the same. If I’d be makey-outey with him, that means I love him, and if I love him, that means he’s a favorite. Plus, when a good number of my answers last year were all Luke, well, who’s to judge? Not you guys, anyway.

My favorite member of the rebellion is Wedge Antilles. I’ve analyzed this answer thoroughly and concluded that my dedication to him has not waned: he was always my favorite supporting character in the films, I loved him all through the books, and none of this emotion has changed.

Only time he's got his helmet off in the movies
Only time he’s got his helmet off in the movies

Of course originally Wedge was no more than one of the rebel pilots during the run against the first Death Star. He traded a few lines with Biggs and Luke and pulled out of the fight early for no apparent reason. He was played by an unknown Scottish actor who happened to be Ewan McGregor’s uncle. And yes, he had a silly name. (“His parents named him after a simple tool?” “Where are Inclined Plane and Lever?!”) Ooh, fun fact, Denis Lawson also read some of the Star Wars books on tape. And I will not deny that I’ve tried to get my family tree to connect with his because there are some Laws back on Mom’s side.

But Wedge Antilles, always needing to compensate for the fact that he wasn’t really involved in bringing down the Death Star, more than made up for that. He reappeared in the snow battle on Hoth, and by the time he returned for Jedi, he had moved up to “Gold Leader.” He and Lando destroyed the Second Death Star together.

As I quoted last time Wedge came up, “There used to be this, “You may be obsessed with Star Wars if . . .” list, and one of the things it said was, “You’ve referred to yourself as Mrs. Wedge Antilles or Mrs. Fett.” And boy, ain’t that the truth — I’ve done both, although mostly with Wedge.” I did have a monstrous crush on Wedge that extended beyond mere admiration of the guy in the movie. I was delighted to find out he is one of the most important supporting characters in the expanded universe. I also loved the woman he ended up with, Qwi Xux, though some characterizations of them each were stronger than others.

In short, Wedge is a courageous man of high moral standards. He’s an intelligent warrior, fierce leader,  wise friend. I also like that most of what we know of Wedge comes from other characters and not his own point of view. The Rogue Squadron books are by far the best for this. Also, a guy who is Luke’s best friend has to have a lot going for him.

I could regale you with tales of his backstory, but frankly, backstory doesn’t interest me the way it did when I was a much younger fan. These things mostly seem to come from comic books. In the real books, no one talked about Wedge’s past beyond mentioning his part in the Battle of Yavin. I’m content to leave it there. Why is he my favorite? I’m an Empire girl myself. I root for the men in white, not the boys in orange. But he’s a man who fights for what he believes in, and, at the end of the day, he fights for his friends.

In closing, the one thing I always remember although I can’t remember exactly which Michael A. Stackpole book it’s in,  Corran Horn observes that Wedge’s desk is large enough to park an X-wing on, and he always kept it clean enough that you could. This is a standard I admire and have always tried to live up to in my own life. True story.

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