All-Time Favorite Character

Luke Skywalker. Remember how half my answers last year were him? Yeah. You should know how much I love Luke. He is my favorite character in all of Star Wars, favorite male in anything, favorite everything for everything. I love Luke so much, I almost can’t even cope with how much I want to be Luke.

Okay, Star Wars Librarian, that's a little weird.
“Okay, Star Wars Librarian, that’s a little weird.”

Maybe don’t tell Luke I said that. Anyway, he’s another one whose hotness is only surpassed by his coolness. I love a tormented, sober, dark man! Luke, whose name comes from the Latin “light,” describes himself as being from a planet that is “the farthest from” the “bright center of the universe.” He spends the first 22 years of his life as an orphaned farmboy under the care of his aunt and uncle — until, much like another famous farmboy, Westley, fate forces him to make a break from his past and step out into the world of adventure. Luke, while accused by Yoda of being reckless, actually was essentially a homebody, more interested in hearing about battles than participating in them. Unaware of the legacy in his veins, of the fact that he is really the dark prince of the Empire, son of Lord Vader, he spends his early years racing Skyhoppers and panicking his uncle whenever he shows an inevitable Force-aptitude.

Of course a great break must occur to get the hero out of his life and into a new one; the Empire assaults his home, murders his family, and sends him on the path to being a Jedi. The greatest thing he ever does is take out the Death Star, and he becomes the galaxy’s only Jedi in spite of Yoda’s “training” rather than because of it. He is intelligent, serious-minded, and essentially noble. The horror of the orphan learning his father is the devil does not simply come from the fact that, like any fatherless boy, he had daydreamed and wished and longed for a father, only to discover he is the most feared man in the galaxy — but far more complexly, the dread of this revelation is rooted in how unlike Luke Vader essentially is. For Luke to look into the mask and see his father is for the poster child of goodness and righteousness to admit that in his veins is the same blood and weakness that destroyed his father Anakin.

But Luke is strong. He is far stronger than Anakin, not only in will and conviction, but also physically — after, for example, Luke endures some five minutes of Palpatine’s punishing lightning, he proceeds to drag Vader (weighing minimum 372 lbs, his body armor alone clocking in at 256 lbs) some distance from the throne room to the docking bay where their shuttle is. (By comparison, after Anakin gets hit with mere seconds’ of Dooku’s significantly less powerful lightning, he is incapacitated for, well, some time!)

Oh, hello, boyos -- and by boyos, I mean those biceps. *Purreow*!
Oh, hello, boyos — and by boyos, I mean those biceps. *Purreow*!

When he tells Yoda, “I’m not afraid,” not only is he speaking the truth, but this defines almost his entire personality. Not only does Yoda fail in his purpose to make Luke regret his training — even that disturbed LSD vision in the cave does not inspire fear in Luke; in fact, if it does anything, it makes him more determined and steadfast. In ANH, he reacts with hotheadedness, but certainly never fear. He demonstrates his father’s anger many times, but it never controls him. The proud look in his eyes when he chooses death over siding with Vader sums him up well, too — he knows what the right path is, and he will never dissemble. Even if he does fall (Dark Empire), it is for the sake of his friends. Like Anakin, friendship is Luke’s primary motivation, and he will face death or anything else in order to spare them, protect them, or help them. More than any other Jedi, he truly knows no fear. And like Qui-Gon, he will always make his own decision about what is right, and he will stand by that decision.

Just about my favorite picture. Ever.
Just about my favorite picture. Ever.

Since I’m staring at them right now, let me just put in the briefest word about Luke’s polished black boots. I almost love them by themselves as much as I love him. The full combination is impossible to resist. Anyhow, that’s Luke. I’m, um, going to go crawl into a coma of adoring this man, okay? And by that I mean “finish Empire Strikes Back.” Kthnxbye.

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