Here We Go Again

Oh, no
Oh, no

You know what I love about challenges? Everything, except for — You know what I hate about challenges? How freaking difficult it is to find the complete list! I’ve seriously spent the last 50 minutes trying to find something called “The 30 Day Star Wars Challenge” where it would tell me all  thirty days instead of 50,000 people’s “Day Six” and “Day 15.” I was in a pretty good mood when I started and I apologize for the abrupt crankiness because Tumblr is being absolutely awful about loading and I was stuck waiting almost a full minute for some guy’s Blogspot to load because he decided to offer something like 150 pictures for  “favorite Star Wars picture.” I I mean, I was holding “Page Down” for ages trying to get to the end of that post! Dude! Too much! Anyway,  the point is, I miss Challenge Thursday, and I want to keep doing posts even though I’m not being asked new questions.  (People just aren’t as inquisitive as they were in 2001, I guess.)

So, here’s wishing you a happy New Year, and I’d like to present to you the next thirty weeks of post from S.W.L. Because it’s so impossible to find these inaugural posts, I’ll make it as clear as possible for you. If you are searching for a Star Wars Blogging Challenge, here are thirty days of topics, which for my purposes I make into thirty Thursdays, thus carrying us up to July 31, 2014! Then I’ll either drop off as I keep doing in the latter parts of years, or I’ll find a new one. (PS, found this on Tumblr, but lord knows where it came from. I’m not even going to bother linking to where I found it because I know that wasn’t original, and if you can find more 30 day Star Wars challenges on Tumblr,  by all means, point them to me.)

  1. All-time favorite character
  2. Favorite member of the rebellion
  3. Favorite member of the Empire
  4. Favorite Jedi
  5. Favorite droid
  6. Favorite ship
  7. Favorite Sith
  8. Favorite OT movie
  9. Favorite PT movie
  10. Favorite Star Wars photo
  11. Favorite battle
  12. All-time favorite scene
  13. Favorite quotation
  14. A scene that makes you happy
  15. A scene that makes you sad / angry
  16. Photo of your Star Wars-related things
  17. Favorite TPM moment
  18. Favorite AotC moment
  19. Favorite RotS moment
  20. Favorite ANH moment
  21. Favorite ESB moment
  22. Favorite RotJ moment
  23. Something you wished was different
  24. A character you dislike
  25. Favorite EU book
  26. Favorite Obi-Wan Kenobi quotation
  27. Favorite Yoda quotation
  28. Favorite Darth Vader quotation
  29. Best personal Star Wars memory
  30. Why you love Star Wars

I particularly like that this doesn’t intersect much with the one I did before (first post here). In cases where it does, don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a repeat of my dissertation on why I adore Luke Skywalker, I’ll acknowledge my original answer, link to the first post, and then take the question into fresh territory. I’m excited! Are you excited? You should be! Heck, join me, and together, we can geekify the web like blogger and reader! Right? Right.

And a happy New Year to you, too!

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