Will Anything Ever Replace Star Wars for You?

This is a stupid question. I mean, I can’t even properly begin to give you reasons why this is a stupid question.  If I knew of something that could potentially replace Star Wars for me,  wouldn’t it have already done so? Furthermore, how could anything I discover now, at this point in my life, possibly be a replacement for the thing I have loved and coddled and been best friends with since I was 12? Star Wars culture may change, but the Star Wars I love will never, can never change.

Therefore, I give you a stupid answer to a stupid question, and turn my blog into Tumblr for you briefly:

The Doctor says no
My exact face when I read this question.
Sherlock says no
My exact tone when I answered the question.
Cute birds say no
And again for emphasis
Even Downy Jr. says no
My pitying expression

   And, of course, since one cannot say no and Star Wars at the same time without . . . .

Fervent no!
Fervent no!
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