Five Favorite Costumes

The original challenge just asked for a favorite costume, but I don’t think I’m being unreasonable to pick five when there are six films and effort put into the costumes is tremendous.

The orange handmaiden robe (Episode I)
The orange handmaid robe (Episode I)

I asked myself, What outfit do I consistently wish I owned, every time I watch the movie, and wish I could just throw on, if I could get away with that kind of thing, in real life? And every time I watch E1, I can’t get over how comfortable their tie-dyed velour hoodie robes look. That looks like it’d be swell on a chilly autumn day, nice and cozy, or comfy for snuggling up on the couch on a winter night. Plus the embroidered sleeves are really elegant and pretty.

Coruscant Apartment Gown (Episode I)
Coruscant Apartment Gown (Episode I)

I hate to be the cliche who picks two outfits from stupid Amidala and from the same movie, too, but this was the first costume that came to mind when I saw this challenge, and furthermore, I appear to be just about the only person on the planet who loves this and dislikes her rose petal gown from the ending parade. Now, frankly, while I find it super unrealistic that even a queen would change her outfit simply to walk into another room, particularly considering how many hours it must take to get dressed in them, I just love this costume and it doesn’t get enough screen time.

Imperial Uniforms (Original Trilogy)
Imperial Uniforms (Original Trilogy)

This is no secret. Absolutely no secret that I am completely enamored with and adore the Imperial uniforms. I’m an Imperial sort of girl at heart. What, just because the Emperor was evil, the entire system was wrong?! Um hum.  They’re so crisp, so tidy, so attractive. And rank bars! Rank bars are cool. Stormtroopers wear black while the naval uniforms are gray-green; moffs wear the gray-green as well. The rank cylinders not specify rank, along with the bars obviously, but also they contain security codes and files. Basically, they’re a foreshadowing of flash drives!

Boba Fett's Armor (Empire Strikes Back)
Boba Fett’s Armor (Empire Strikes Back)

Okay, I really dislike Boba Fett’s shoes,  but the rest of his armor is just great. You can tell it’s just over a regular khaki jumpsuit like the one Luke wears in ESB, just with the addition of body armor. And before Lucas felt the need to give us every scrap of backstory, there were real stories in his armor. It’s Mandalorian armor, taken from an extinct race of mercenaries whose code he abides by. The red belt is a Journeyman Protector’s belt, from back when he was supposedly an exiled protector. The braids on his sleeve guards are Wookiee scalps. His kneecap armor shoots darts and his boots have spring-loaded spikes.  And as everyone knows, the strong silent man in armor,  just, well . . . he gets it. And his face is a big letter T.

Luke's plain black suit
Luke’s plain black suit

I apologize for the fact that all my answers to these questions are always “Luke,” but I love this man. And look at that!! Look at that outfit! It’s so nice. Those boots are shiny enough to blind you if you look right at them. I love watching him fence Vader in that snug black suit. I love those boots as much as I love him. There’s a lot of symbolism in the outfit, too, as he’s gone from white in ANH to black in ROTJ; he’s grown serious, no-frills, nothing fancy, but a the same time he’s also battling this intense darkness in a war for his soul as well as for his father’s soul. And, you know, it’s all black and shiny. Good stuff.

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