The Character You’d Be Most Makey-Outey With

Yeah, I censored the challenge. What are you gonna do about it? I thought so. “Makey-outey,” as coined by Strong Bad of the Homestar Runner universe, is primarily an adjective in function. “You’re looking so makey-outey tonight,” for example. And while the original question on the challenge was mostly focused on casual hook-ups, that just doesn’t appeal to me.

There used to be this, “You may be obsessed with Star Wars if . . .” list, and one of the things it said was, “You’ve referred to yourself as Mrs. Wedge Antilles or Mrs. Fett.” And boy, ain’t that the truth — I’ve done both, although mostly with Wedge. Wedge would be a great guy to marry for a lot of reasons; he’s attractive, steadfast, dependable, courageous, a war hero without a troubled past, etc. etc.

He looks good in orange, and, oh, my, those cheekbones.

He looks good in orange, and, oh, my, those cheekbones.

So I do think that after all these years, I could still sign off on having a casual dating-type fling with Mr. Antilles. Although, as I think about it, he’d probably have deep and serious issues with my actually being kind of on the Empire’s side of all this. Can’t you hear the goofy rom-com trailer now? “What they don’t know is he’s the Rebel Alliance’s top pilot, but she’s an Imperial Loyalist! Uh oh!”

Okay, so while my choice for casual make-out sessions is still Wedge — surprise ending, I didn’t see that one coming — if I was going to settle down and get serious, you know and I know that I could never choose anyone but Luke. (Even though I think Luke cannot and should not be romantically entangled with anyone, that him getting married goes against the idea of his character, and omg does everyone freaking have to get married in everything? Of course, I believe those things about myself, too, so . . .) I know the question wasn’t about not-casual, and I had some trepidation about just going back to Luke for everything,  but that’s when my stream-of-consciousness produced Wedge for my dating pal. Heck, I can sign off on that. But I just love Luke. And with those biceps, well, preeow is all I have to say.

The guy who can wear your sister's tank top and hipster suspenders and still look so good.

The guy who can wear your sister’s tank top and hipster suspenders and still look so good.

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