The Character You’d Want as a Drinking Buddy

I see we’re into the realm of weird questions now. This one in particular is awkward because I don’t drink and I don’t know what qualities a person would want in a drinking buddy. Urban Dictionary — which I do not advise you to ever use — says a drinking buddy is someone who is usually with you when you drink, always drinks if you drink, and is someone you trust and don’t mind making a fool of yourself around; it is a person you can count on to “get just as drunk as you” and make fun memories with. (I was under the impression that getting drunk resulted in memory loss, so how are you making memories while drunk?!)

Okay, so a Star Wars character I’d like to hang out with just for laughs, just to go hang out of an evening, chill out, have some fun . . . All right, as usual, overanalyzing the question has not changed the answer that popped into my head the instant I first saw it.

I don't always have fictional drinking buddies, but when I do, they're awesome.
I don’t always have fictional drinking buddies, but when I do, they’re awesome.
(I did not create this image. It was on Yahoo!)

I mean, come on. Who didn’t answer Han Solo to this question? Sure, he’s cynical, coolly murders a guy in a bar and strolls out in front of dozens of witnesses, but out of everyone in those films, he seems like the one who knows how to have a good time. Luke’s way too nervous to loosen up for a really fun evening, and Han must have a thousand awesome stories to tell. Plus with Chewie along, I wouldn’t have to worry about any unwanted interruptions. And he’s already demonstrated an affinity for short brunettes.

Seriously, Han, I'm better than that other short brunette you were with.
Seriously, Han, I’m better than that other short brunette you were with.

Yes, I can definitely picture it now. A couple of space cold ones, Han waxing poetical on his scary Hutt stories or rebel soldiering days, holo-chess, space peanuts and pretzels . . . bickering over the details with Chewie and then jumping up to kareoke to “Here I Go Again.” Ooh, then we take the Falcon out to see the famous Maw cluster at the Kessel Run, and he looks so dapper in that Corellian bloodstripe . . . Yeah, Han and I could definitely be best buddies.

No, Han, you can't play Russian roulette with a blaster.
No, Han, you can’t play Russian roulette with a blaster.

Han is unselfconscious about his own past, so there wouldn’t be much, if any awkwardness if something came up, like being served chocolate Hans in Carbonite. I definitely can’t think of anyone better to hang out with until the small hours and then go into an all-night diner for a 5 AM breakfast with extra hot coffee. Nope. Sounds about right. Gosh, who has Han’s number? I need to get on this . . .

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