Spotlight: 100 Posts

I find this wonderfully appropriate: 100 posts on this, one of the more significant dates on the Star Wars calender.

A note on the Star Wars calender: its holiest month is May, the month which gave us the theatrical release of the six films and the birth of Lucas himself. Specific holidays in this month are May 14 (Lucas’ Birthday — party games include ‘Pin the Ego on the Director’ and ‘What’s Bigger Than George’s Ego?’), May 16 (Episode II release date), May 19 (Episodes I & III release dates), May 21 (Episode V release date), and May 25 (Episodes IV & VI released). Had I thought a little more closely about it at the time, I would have officially kicked this blog off in May. (I did launch the Facebook page on May 3.)

Anyway, one hundred is always considered a big landmark, so I wanted to observe it. Plus, it being May 19, this kicks off what I call “Star Wars Week” (May 19-25), and it’s also the 8th birthday of Episode III and the 14th birthday of Episode I. That’s another great landmark . . . I was (almost) 14 when I saw Episode I, which means this movie has existed for half my life. Ouch.

Because it’s the beginning of Star Wars week, which I’m ending with a little observance for Return of the Jedi‘s 30th birthday, here are the original trailers to all six films!

And now because this is chiefly to commemorate my 100th post, I give you my top favorite moments as Star Wars Librarian. Remember that your questions help produce content, so ask away!

  1. Footwear and recycled content are both hilarious
  2. This post about book covers
  3. Discovering the song “Primeday”
  4. This scathing book review
  5. And this scathing book review
  6. These incredible Star Wars paintings
  7. Goldentusk’s Star Wars song
  8. All my sweet geek swag
  9. These insane books
  10. The Episode II party
  11. Call Me Maybe with Star Wars
  12. Getting my lightsaber
  13. The saddest moment
  14. Criticizing the prequels
  15. This hilarious comments war about SWL canon

    Bonus: that #replaceawordwithpants game on Twitter. That was fun!
    Bonus: that #replaceawordwithpants game on Twitter. That was fun!

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