Top Three Things To Do if I Suddenly Found Myself There

I guess the spirit of this question is for an answer like “go drinking at Mos Eisley Cantina with Han,  practice lightsabers with Luke, catch an opera on Coruscant with Palpatine.” I don’t consider myself too literal to answer a question like this . . . on the contrary, I find myself struggling because I’m too imaginative. Other people can only think of repeating what they’ve already seen, but I try to imagine this literally happening, so I’m hung up on background consideration such as, “When in the timeline am I arriving? What planet am I on?” with the logistics of, “If I can arrive on Tatooine just before Boonta Eve in Y01101, I can bet myself on Sebulba losing the Podrace and get money that way . . .” But it’s me. I’m the person who can’t take the question of “top three things on a desert island” in a gaming spirit but choose actual survival items. I’ve seen fictional bucket lists and they irritate me because I see something like “defeat Grevious with Obi-Wan Kenobi” and I’m thinking, gah, you can’t do that because it’s already happened and you obviously weren’t there! (Nor can I leave the answer at, “Obi-Wan, Han, Luke, *smirk*.”)

But let’s not get bogged down on details. I’ll try to give you a genuine answer. When I was 12, I had this game I played on the trampoline where I basically had this holodeck and I used it to “go into” Return of the Jedi, but the first thing I did was bring Luke out of the movie and into my world. I love fish out of water stories, but am not very interested in being the fish. Somehow exploring my world with a fictional character sounds like more fun than exploring a fictional character’s world. But okay. No logistics. No timeline. A to-do list. Right. I can do this.

  1. Experience hyperspace. Especially on the Millennium Falcon. Or, if not the Falcon, I’d like to get in a flight lesson on an X-wing and do it myself. But, come on,  who doesn’t want to explore the Falcon and be sitting there when Han says “Punch it”? Oh, right, and it’s the Falcon, so time to kick it with Han and hear all sorts of exciting space pirate stories while admiring his roguish good looks!

    Oh, yeah? Watch this! (and then it works)
  2. Eat at Dex’s. Regardless of what anyone else might think, I love Dex’s diner. And if you’re eating there in CoCo Town, there is no guessing what sort of cool people you might see, like Obi-Wan himself strolling in the door! And who knows but I might arrange to get Dexter “delayed” in the kitchen for awhile and just sit out there myself talking with Obi-Wan and getting friendly?

    Take a seat, I’ll be right wich you!
  3. Hold a lightsaber. I knew what mine would be like before I ever had it, but I know it’s bigger than real size because of the batteries. The sounds, shape, movement you see on screen — I know exactly what it’d be like.  I want to know how weightless the blade really is and all. Plus this comes with the added bonus of snuggling Luke for awhile. What do you mean, you don’t see how that follows?

    Except that would be me, and I’m not his sister. Piyow!
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