3D Experience

My much, long, absolutely delayed review of my time at the E3 3D this time last year.

I know, I said for a year I was going to post about this. And you may well wonder what is proved by doing an entry about an experience that you can’t run out and share anymore because it’s way over. Well, that’s why I made this a Fun Friday and not a Spotlight Sunday post!

Me and Trilogy, kicking it 3D

Here’s a picture of me with Trilogy the Bear, whom I introduced last week, kicking our three-d glasses with my metal ROTJ poster over my shoulder. This was right after I got back from the first showing.

So, Episode I came out in 3D on February 10, 2012. I thought this date was wildly random, but I’d been looking forward to it for a long time . . . as this post from Hundredaire Socialite (from my 80 Day Facebook challenge) will demonstrate:

Episode I in 3D
A Photo that Makes Me Happy

I have been hanging onto this picture for like a month now. This makes me happy because Star Wars is coming back to the theaters!! I can finally see all six of them in the theater! And lightsaber duels in 3D! There is NO downside here. Plus this poster makes me smile. So the whole thing is happiness.

E1’s release date is February 10, 2012.

On Saturday, February 11, my roommate and I abruptly decided to simply go over and watch without really planning it. That put us a the 1 o’clock showing. We got the awesome Darth Maul glasses and those adorable minifigs. We snuck out after the podrace because, hello, boring. It was so amazing, so awesome to get to see E1 in the theater again.

As far as 3D was concerned, it largely didn’t look any different — instead of coming out of the screen, the way regular 3D movies do, it was like looking in. Not only did I not get a headache, but it looked sweet. The parts that looked different were epic cool. I can’t wait for the Coruscant speeder chase next year — and the opening scene to E3!!! (More here at Hundredaire Socialite)

My little pod trooper from the first showing
My little pod trooper from the first showing

The second time was great; seriously would’ve gone again if I could afford it. However, they were out of proper glasses and out of Pods when we went back the second time, so that and being broke reduced the desire for a third. Totally ruined some kid’s life crawling over him to get out during the Podrace scene. I know that people leaving the film in the middle is a huge pet peeve of people’s. Tell Lucas to stop putting sucky crap in and I won’t have to stand in the lobby for 15 minutes waiting for the scene to end! (Due warning: I’m going to hide outside in the lobby during Yoda’s “fight scene” too.)

Mini-trooper with R2-D2 and R2-D2 Jr.
Mini-trooper with R2-D2 and R2-D2 Jr.

Anyway, for some more size perspective, there’s my pod clone trooper with a Heroes Artoo and a regular size Artoo. (He came with the Dex action figure I bought for the SW party. OMG, I should really post about that party.)

Trilogy rocking it with two lightsabers and 3D glasses
Trilogy rocking it with two lightsabers and 3D glasses

In conclusion, here’s Trilogy with his lightsabers and 3D glasses. I will say that Episode I in 3D was everything I hoped for. I don’t even like 3D movies, but just seeing it on the big screen is worth it . . . and 3D lightsabers did not disappoint.

Just for fun, how I made my candy lightsaber work even after eating the candy.
Just for fun, how I made my candy lightsaber work even after eating the candy.



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