Favorite Male Character

Let’s face it: Qui-Gon Jinn is cool. Liam Neeson is a man whose aura of coolness radiates and captures all in its path. I didn’t even know who he was the first time I saw the movie poster, but I went, “YES.” And maybe there was something creepy about my 14-year-old self crushing on the 48-year-old Neeson to such an extent; it’s likely not less creepy now that it’s been years since I first started gushing about his hotness, but hotness was not the issue in E1. Coolness was.

Oh, it’s his hands, they drive me wild. I want them all over me.

Neeson’s 6’4″ frame was not anticipated by the set designers, so they actually had to shell out a few million to make the adjustments so he could stand up straight! His powerful skills as an actor were not anticipated by Lucas, but even the Emperor himself and his bad dialogue couldn’t stifle the great actor.

This Jedi Master, with his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, is known as a skilled negotiator, strongly connected with the intuitive or “living” Force, but frequently butts heads with the Council because he values what is right over what is proper and what is noble over what is acceptable. He is a man of strong convictions and powerful honor.

The force of awesomeness is strong with this one.
The force of awesomeness is strong with this one.

Laser blue eyes, a kind face, a big heart, noble soul, caustic wit, and a warm depth of feeling for all living — Qui-Gon is a far greater Jedi than Yoda, wiser and more powerful by far, not chained to any petty bureaucracy, answering to a higher standard than the weak-willed Code. He has known love, suffered betrayal, seen greatness, experienced depths. He is like Cadfael, a true warrior monk. And if you think he goes out like a wimp, well, stick around with me, kid — you’ll learn a thing or two.

Like Qui-Gon says -- Whenever I'm dead, I just stop being dead and be awesome instead. True story.
Like Qui-Gon says — Whenever I’m dead, I just stop being dead and be awesome instead. True story.

I don’t even really know how to quantify what is so cool about him, and it’s gotten so layered over the years with my own thoughts and opinions on his actions, because, let’s face it, Lucas gives him some awful moves in the one movie he’s in. First he tries to throw over his apprentice for a boy he doesn’t know — after all the ups and downs of trust and betrayal with Obi-Wan — and then he spends his dying breath on this punk kid. But just consider that the movie doesn’t always portray everything with accuracy.

Frankly, Qui-Gon’s passion, selfless devotion to the right thing, his immense strength held in check by his great gentleness, and his underspoken wisdom are all reasons why he is just the most amazing man and remains my favorite male character despite the fact that his screen time is extremely low when compared to other male characters. I love him. And now I feel slightly guilty for spending my post on favorite female on a lizard . . .


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