Best Night Ever

How funny is this? Last week I posted that concert picture without even thinking about it, but then in my regular blog, I was inspired yesterday to do a whole post about the Star Wars concert. Enjoy, won’t you?


Last night, I was working with Chatty, which is a bit like being trapped in a room where a fly is beating itself against the window endlessly and you can’t do anything about it but listen to “Bzzz–thunk—bzzz—thunk” until you’re positive you’re losing your mind. One unexpected nice thing about not being able to hear, though, is that I can tune her out really, really, really well.

The conversation I am about to relate followed closely on the heels of this one. I use “conversation” loosely because she babbles like a brook and I say, “Mmm?” while trying to actually do my job. She suddenly burst out, “Oh, my gosh, there’s these two brothers and they’re both coaches at the Superbowl!” Me: “Uh huh.” She stares and says, “Don’t you think that’s crazy?” She repeats that with her initial statement four or five different ways and then adds, “I mean…

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