Favorite Female Character

Ugh, I hate this question. I just have no answer to it. I never like women. It is so incredibly difficult for me to think of favorite women . . . I just don’t know. There are some women I do like, but none of them seem legit for overarching favorite female character for the franchise.

Dracmus, Qi Xux  Aunt Beru, Taun We, Lyn Me
Dracmus, Qi Xux
Aunt Beru, Taun We, Lyn Me

For example, as I was “growing up” in my love for Star Wars, and reading the books and all, I freaking adored Dracmus (Assault on Selonia) and Qwi Xux (Dark Apprentice — she bags Wedge Antilles. Respect!), but it’s not like they’re even recurring characters. My favorite woman in the films was undoubtedly Lyn Me — I adore Twi’leks of all kinds, but this classically-trained dancer in Jabba’s palace actually has an awesome back story about her hunting down her sister and stuff. As I was contemplating answers for this challenge, I thought about how much I love Taun We, the Kaminoan who shows Obi-Wan around; the actress who did her voice described her as a creature of love and light, which just about sums it up; I love her galaxy-eyes. Aunt Beru, though she doesn’t seem to have enough personality to wring a whole post out of, nevertheless seems like a sweet lady, and one wonders just how she did at mothering Luke.

Still, none of these seemed to inspire enough affection from me to get a real post out of. Finally, I was authorized by a friend that the character didn’t have to be sentient. In that case, I said, well, in that case, I have an easy choice to make:

Boga, the noble varactyl

In Episode III, Obi-Wan chooses a varactyl to get around quickly and unnoticed on Utapau. Although the film cuts it, the novelization mentions that he spends quite some time among the varactyl stables trying to identify one with the right sort of spirit. He immediately forms a bond with Boga; he senses a kindred spirit with her, and that she is noble, intelligent, and loving.

Just pretend there's a feathered lizard standing there.
Just pretend there’s a feathered lizard standing there.

Just watching Boga move in Episode III gives me a thrill. She reminds me of a big dog — well, specifically, of the Newfoundland we used to have — the way she goes loping down the ramps and corridors, barking and yipping. Birdlike, lizardlike, dinosaurish, you can tell just by looking at her that there’s something clever to her, but not a destructive kind of cleverness like a raptor.

Boga would take the raptors OUT.

I also find it amazing that Obi-Wan can just immediately handle one of these things. How many years does it take to become a horse master? And Boga’s big old head is kind of in the way for visibility while riding. Nevertheless, they make a convincing team. I was afraid she would try to sneeze and give away his location, but it’s in fact Obi-Wan who gives away the location by casually leaping into a hoard of enemies.

So many pretty colors, too. I want a baby varactyl.

Boga is quite ready to jump into any battle or fray at the need of the person she’s accompanying. Although she never met Obi-Wan before, she feels the connection he does, and droids and clones are no nevermind to her. She gladly jumps into the fight and carries Obi-Wan in pursuit of Grevious in some truly head-spinning dives.

I have the Boga figurine and it is so awesome.

Although she got her name from a Tunisian soft drink, this lizard-creature is legit. It’s not clear whether she dies or not; sources are contradictory. In the film, when Obi-Wan’s clone troops turn on him, Boga does her best to protect his frame from the bolts, and she almost certainly saves his life. Obi-Wan eulogizes her bravery, loyalty, and fierceness, and it seems to me if he thought she died, that she probably did. Still: a glorious career for a great and noble creature.

Rest with the lizard angels, Boga, dear.

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