Pictured Collection

I’ve talked collections before. This guest post from HS is from my 80 Day Challenge again, meant just to keep content coming in, and it just gives some images of what I’ve got.

Day 61 — A picture of your collection

This will give you an idea of a small portion of my Star Wars collection, which is by far my most intense and largest collection. (I also collect books, pennies, typewriters, and stuffed animals.) Most of these pictures aren’t up to date, but they’re the best I have, so consider the picture representational, not comprehensive. I own about 150 Star Wars books, including fiction, reference, and historically significant items, as well as some five copies of each film. As far as ephemera and physical objects are concerned, I have some six boxes full of this stuff. So. Yep! This is sort of a picture of my collection.

My Life, 80 Days: Day 61 via Hundredaire Socialite.

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