All About Siri

Hey, do you know anything about Jedi Knight Siri Tachi? I’ve looked but never found anything about her. Thanks. – j

Siri and Obi-Wan

Back in the year 2000, before Steve Jobs ever thought of a cell phone app named Siri that could run your life for you, Jude Watson wrote a book. It wasn’t one of those books that will go down in history for any reason whatsoever, but it was a fun and harmless little thing. It was called The Captive Temple, the seventh book in the Jedi Apprentice series, and, like just about every other book in that series minus the first one, it was written by Jude Watson.

Siri’s first appearance is described as such: “The impact of her blue eyes was like a cresting wave. Siri had always been striking, but she hated to have anyone comment on her good looks. She kept her blond hair in a close-cropped style, swept straight off her forehead. The boyish style was probably intended to dim her beauty but instead only enhanced her intelligent eyes and glowing skin.”

Like Obi-Wan, who is the main character of this series, she is a Jedi Padawan, apprenticed to Adi Gallia (eventually a Jedi Council member by the time of Episode I). Siri and Adi Gallia go on a number of missions with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, which are covered in subsequent books.

As far as the Jedi Librarian is concerned, Siri Tachi has only three canonical appearances, in the Jude Watson books The Captive Temple, The Fight for Truth, and The Dangerous Rescue, although she does appear in eight subsequent Jedi Quest books and a number of books in the series The Last of the Jedi; she also appears in the videogame Jedi Starfighter. (The Star Wars Librarian does not consider these canonical and cannot vouch for their content.) The books hint at a sort of romantic connection between Siri and Obi-Wan.

According to an archived version of her bio in the Star Wars Databank (mirror), Siri eventually abandoned the Jedi Order; ironic, given her criticism of Obi-Wan for the same thing right after they met. However, Jude Watson’s book Secrets of the Jedi does not suggest anything to this effect–again, the Star Wars Librarian cannot vouch for this books canonocity, but based on online descriptions, it seems to go out of its way to explore forbidden love between Jedi in three different generations.

I hope that this helps, j. The Jedi Apprentice books are a cute, effortless read, and I assume that the Jedi Quest books are not much different in that regard.


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