Threadcakes Time Of Year

You know what that means, folks! Well, maybe you don’t. Okay, see, Threadless is this t-shirt company on the internet, and the Force is strong with them–and by that, I mean they have a lot of sweet Star Wars shirt designs. The other thing they have going for them? Cake. That’s right. Every year, Threadless challenges people to make delicious cakes based on their delicious, user-submitted designs. For today’s Fun Friday, I thought I’d showcase my two favorites:

The Emperor PenguinThis design by Matt Leyen quirkily casts the Emperor as a Penguin. Ha, ha! Oh, the clevers.

The Emperor Penguin CakeOn the other hand, this delicious cake based on Matt Leyen’s design casts the Emperor as a delicious gum paste penguin. (Go ahead and click the pic to find out how Jennifer Racine did it!) “And now, young Skywalker–you–will–be delicious. Oh, no, wait, I will be delicious–no, wait–“

My other favorite is not just because it’s red velvet (my more-than-confessed weakness), but also because it’s a shirt I’ve looked at and thought about getting many a time, because let’s face it, every time you buy those red plastic cups, you’re thinking of Han, aren’t you.

Hans Off My Cookie!

It’s called Hans Off My Cookie, by Phil!

Hans Off My Cake!And this is called just plain delicious by Sugi and Ai! Not every submission has to be a 3D rendered version of the shirt, after all. Sometimes simple is best. The artwork on this is stunning.

Anyway, make sure you check out to check out more of these gorgeous and tasty creations. These aren’t the only two Star Wars ones in the mix, either, and they’re all worth seeing.

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