Get Pods!

“We sold the pod! Look at all the money we have!” — Anakin Skywalker

When the Star Wars Librarian and friend went to go see Episode I in 3D (an experience I will blog about at length next week), we got a little packet labeled “Pod” along with our Darth Maul 3D glasses. We didn’t know what that meant or what they were for . . . but when we finally took them out of the wrappers, well, we were instantly charmed. You see here my little Clone Trooper; she got PadmĂ©.

Clone Trooper Pod
The tiniest Clone Trooper of them all.

I immediately undertook some research on the subject and found that these are a new micro-figure released by Hasbro (here) and sold in a variety of locations like your local stores or ThinkGeek (here). What gets me about them is nobody seems to have any clear idea what they do or what they are for, as is evidenced by the randomness of the videos about them.

Basically, what can I tell you? They are the cutest things ever. You can put them on top of the pod and spin them like tops, you can put them in the pods and throw them at people! There are several collections, including figurines and vehicles, and there are black and clear pods. They feel all rubbery and squishy, and you can do tiny battle against the Empire. What more do you want? I’m thoroughly and completely charmed and give the toy like twenty stars.

Your soul can't repel cuteness of this magnitude!

Also, just to add to the fun collectability of it all: every pack comes with a set of “known” figures, that is, the ones you can see and that are identified, and unknown ones–mystery figures that are a surprise until you open them. This way you can hoard ’em, trade ’em, collect ’em. . . . Whatever you want! It’s super tiny awesome fun!

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