Permanently Stuck

I just got the Return of the Jedi soundtrack from the library today. I’ve never listened to it before, believe it or not, and I’ve really been enjoying it. However, there’s just one thing . . . I can no longer listen to the Star Wars Main Theme and take it seriously because I find myself humming the lyrics. “What lyrics?” you might ask — and well you might, because if you have to ask, I am so glad you are reading this post! I am about to introduce you to one of the best things ever. How is it the best thing, you may wonder, if I just described it as ruining the main theme? Well, I don’t mean ruin as in ruin, I mean ruin as in make better. Don’t believe me? Well, watch the following video.

I know, you didn’t know the main theme even had lyrics. But I guarantee you’re grinning right now. And really, isn’t that what fun Friday is all about? Grinning? Yeah, go watch the video again. Super enjoy. *humming* I am a Jedi, we are all good guys, last of our breed . . .

(PS, he promises to post lyrics to his site soon. Here’s hoping he does, because there are bits of that I am dying to know what he’s saying!)

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