Review: Coruscant Nights II

Book 2

by Michael Reaves.

In book two, Street of Shadows, Jax is dealing with the news that I-FIVE has given him, that is, about his father, but also dealing with a lot more: there’s his case load as a private investigator. He’s just been hired to investigate a famous artists’ death, and stumbling into law enforcement officers isn’t good for his status as a fugitive Jedi wanted by the Empire. Speaking of the Empire, he’s also trying to hide from Vader’s Jedi Hunters, and also trying to hide from another kind of feeling . . . A “shadow Jedi” Twi’lek who might just make things too complicated for a man who thinks things are complicated enough. Also, as a bit of a fun cameo, Captain Typho is back–and he has a secret, too.

Although not as good as the first book, and, admittedly, Jax is not as adorable as his father, it’s still a decent book and I enjoyed reading it–something I can’t say about a lot of these recent SW books. Reaves has a tendency to become formulaic. Like most of his stuff, the first book starts out really strong and the second book kind of gets carried along with it. I notice these all came out in June of 2011 . . . back in my day, we had to wait months for the next installment. Maybe if the publishers spaced these out a bit more, the writing would suffer less? Honestly, readers won’t mind the wait if it’s worth waiting for . . .

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