Review: Coruscant Nights I

by Michael Reaves.

Back for more, eh? Right, as I told you in post 1, this is a fun little miniseries I really enjoyed (for the most part), and I’m pleased to be able to recommend to you a couple of novels that were published after the turn of the century! Warning–As I noted before, quietly go make sure you’ve read Shadow Hunter as well as the two MedStar books before embarking on these. I will insist that series of books ought to be read in order! And possibly, make sure you’ve done that before reading these reviews too closely because there’s some little spoilers I can’t help but give away or I wouldn’t have anything to write.

Book 1

It is the Jedi Twilight, which also happens to be book 1 of the Coruscant Nights trilogy. Although Order 66 was carried out with frightening efficiency and accuracy, and the Jedi Temple was demolished, some Jedi have managed to escape. Vader’s brutal Jedi-neutralizing taskforce is everywhere, though, and those Jedi are constantly in danger. Meet Jax Pavan, one such Jedi who has decided hiding on Coruscant is better than trying to escape elsewhere. After all, what other planet has a population this size and any number of perfect hidey-holes? Of course, life anywhere isn’t free or even very cheap, and so Jax is trying to make a living as a private investigator. Unbeknownst to him, the protocol droid who used to be partners with his father is also trying to find him with the help of the Sullustian journalist Dehn Dur, and also, trouble of another sort is brewing–an uncompleted Jedi mission falls right in his lap along with everything else he’s trying desperately to avoid.

I fell in love with Lorn Pavan in Shadow Hunter, and I was extremely excited to meet his son after reading three books that all talked about him, his disappointment with the Jedi who betrayed him, and his desperation to see Jax again. This book lived up to my expectations and was a fun adventure on Coruscant. I think Reaves held it together very well and the characters are believable and likable. I was certainly eager to get to book two, which, I think, says a lot about book one.

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