Review: Medstar II

Book 2

by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry.

This is a sequel in line with a bunch of other sequels. So make sure you’ve read Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter and Medstar I.

Medstar II: Jedi Healer is not anywhere near as good a book as the first one.

Once again: the Republic medical unit on Drongar may be a dismal post, but it’s one vital to the war effort. Bota, a miracle plant that grows nowhere else in the galaxy, is desperately sought by both the Republic and Separatist factions of the war.

Barriss Offee has been stationed there and has a growing friendship with the troops and medical officers also “stuck” on Drongar. Disillusioned Den Duhr, a Sullustian journalist, continues on in the company of amnesiac I-FIVE.

While I devoured the first book and loved it, I was deeply disappointed with this one. It was no more than a shallow imitation, absolute filler.

Another thing I took serious issue with — I didn’t much like how they portrayed Corellian culture as some kind of peculiar Amish knock off (Jos is forced to choose between his family’s values, the “in” life of Corellia, or his love, who is an “outsider” — nothing before has ever suggested Corellians feel this way).

A new surgeon kind of comes in abruptly, he’s from Tatooine and is called “Uli,” and there is no real reason for the characters from the first to be hanging around (I’m looking at you, Den Duhr and I-FIVE). The plot kind of drags, but contains some important information for later, and therefore its gets buoyed along by other books. I wish I could say this is the only time this happens in this miniseries.

Recommended for reading only insofar as you’ll want it before you move on to the next part of the Reeves’ miniseries. Check it out on here!

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