Let’s Watch TV!

Some of the brilliant comedic minds on YouTube have come up with a few opening credits sequences to your favorite television show and mine–The Star Wars Trilogy! Unlike the project George has talked about and/or threatened over the decades, these look like some great shows I’d definitely watch. Up first . . . Star Wars MacGyver!

Here’s a fun show about a young Jedi who tries to maintain peace and order in the galaxy in a small task force. It’s called Star Wars Five-0!

This is a good one, so set your DVR not to miss an episode of Star Wars: The A-Team, which . . . well, it’ll explain what it’s about!

Exciting, right? That Chewbacca is soo cool. On the other hand, if you love Tatooine and can’t get enough of well-meaning fellows getting into exciting scrapes, complete with lots of fast driving and short shorts, well, The Dukes of Star Wars might be your speed.

Everybody loves this show! Loves, loves, loves–I don’t know why it’s not still on the air! Anyway, Star Wars is about a bunch of friends who all live in the same building and have hilarious escapades! Remember “The One on Hoth,” where the dude was like, you can’t go out there, the temperature’s dropping too rapidly, and Han was all, “That’s right! And my friend’s out in it!” And then the guy was like, your tauntaun will freeze before the first marker! And Han said, “Then I’ll see you in hell!” And the dude said, “I’ll see you in hell!” and Han said, “I guess you will!” and rode off to rescue Luke? Ah, those guys. I love those guys.

For my final offering, another great 90s classic! And just because we like to switch it up, it’s not about the rebels this time . . . you know Palpatine’s the real star of the show, and he’ll prove it to you in electricboa’s “The Fresh Emperor of Bel Air.”

Anyway, that was a lot of fun. Now, if you guys don’t mind, I’m going to try to catch a few of these on TV. Enjoy!

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