Thinking Geek!

Geeks love toys, and no self-respecting Star Warrior can long avoid the tender loving embrace of the biggest repository of geek chic on the Internet, ThinkGeek. A casual search of the geek wonderland offers 134 Star Wars related necessities, from toys to edibles. My own wishlist is extensively populated with stuff off this site, and I eagerly collect my Geek Points for some awesome free stuff.

So this month, I was starting on a little Christmas shopping/some birthday present shopping for October birthdays, and I was tempted into buying product #1 here in order to get $10 off my order.

Vader keychain
The AWESOME side of the Force!

The tote, by the way, is courtesy of and was a gift from my dad for my birthday in July. The keychain, however, is one of these addictive little Star Wars Sound Drop Keychains imported from Japan. There are six different keychains; you either buy all six of them, or they send one to you at random. The random one I got was Darth Vader, who just so happens to match my SWL bag perfectly! I thought that was exciting and I’m definitely pleased. Pressing the button produces a nice sound clip of Vader breathing. I’m addicted to getting these things now and really would like to collect them all, but I especially want the saber duel.

Star Wars Sound Drop Keychains

Then I had to buy another birthday present and, to get another $10 off deal, I threw in a couple items, haha. Here’s my calender for next year, super exciting! Plus the bar-none coolest coasters you’ll ever see.

Calender and coaster
I’d like to take him on a date . . .

July is my birthday, which is why it’s on that month, but let me tell you, the pictures on this calender are excellent! They’re all montage-y and stuff. Obi-Wan, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker–all your favorites and lookin’ hot! The coasters are cardboard-on-cork, but I decided to leave them in the convenient packaging so I could put them on display:

My little display board

You’ve got two pairs of good guys with their arch-nemesis–Boba Fett and Han, Luke and Darth Vader. They’re really cool, and I’m very pleased. All I’m lacking are the glasses to go with–sadly, they’re out of stock.

Anyway, those are the details of my buying spree on Think Geek. You should take a look, though, at their Star Wars goodies, and make your own wishlist up! Great products. Also, if I could effervesce about ThinkGeek, they have awesome customer service, great deals, and such cool stuff. Give them your business, and you won’t regret it!

I love my teddy bear!

And I know this is not available from ThinkGeek, but I thought I would show off my final bit of Star Warsia. Anyway, I didn’t have this website in December, when I got Trilogy there. Trilogy is my special edition Build-A-Bear, which my brother-in-law gave me for Christmas. And also that is my 2011 calendar which my mom got me from the Borders down the road just before it closed. That’s been a great calender. I have a great affection for them. You would not believe how cuddly and silky soft Trilogy is!

Okay, so that’s the fun stuff for this Friday. Compose a wishlist and send it to me ;) And have a fun weekend!

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