Birthday Honors

In the first place, before you can accuse me of being really negligent where this blog is concerned, I assure you that I am working on it and things will get back to normal soon, and no, normal will not consist of huge gaps of non-posting. In fact, I have a question in the works concerning an extremely bizarre juvenile series from the early 90s, and there are reviews slated for the upcoming weekends; I’m also going to go back and finish the posts I meant to have done over the last couple weekends, so seriously, stay tuned and don’t forget to ask questions.

As you may know, being the Star Wars junkie you are, today is Mark Hamill’s 60th birthday. And I’m crazy disappointed because my plan was to spend two hours watching the combined Trilogy in One YouTube Video I found online a three weeks ago, but the user has removed it from YouTube. This upsets me. I was going to post it here for everyone’s enjoyment.

Since I can’t do that now, there’s only one other thing I can think to do for Mark Hamill’s birthday. That’s right, post a picture of a wedding cake and the video of Goldentusk’s lyricized version of the Star Wars theme! Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill, and don’t read anything into the fact that I’m posting a wedding cake for your birthday! ;)

Star Wars Wedding Cake
I won't ask how Han is in carbonite and getting married . . .

I found this awesome Star Wars wedding cake on BetweenThePages, which is a great blog with lots of other Star Wars goodies to offer. Now, the bakers who did this cake–which is more rustic looking than some SW cakes I’ve seen, but makes up for that with its cuteness– are at Sugar Mountain Cakes in Pennsylvania; they have got some beautiful stuff totally worth checking out. Too bad I’m nowhere near Pennsylvania. Oh, well, I have no money for cake anyway. You know what, it’s just occurred to me that it’s not Han in carbonite and getting married; that’s Luke in the slab. Oh–my–gosh–! There’s an alternate ending ;)

Are you really going to complain about the fact that for Mark’s birthday I’m not finding a cake featuring him? Because I just think that’s weird to have yourself on a cake for your own birthday! Anyway, this is the music video all about Luke’s journey! Enjoy!

Oh, my gosh, are you really insisting about that Luke Skywalker cake thing? Fine. Go here and stop pestering me! And go watch Star Wars. That’s all.

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